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Could your call centre be performing better with a little design advice?

The two buzzwords in call centre recruitment are ‘performance’ and ‘retention’. As a call centre manager or owner you need to get the best performance from your staff so that your business can thrive in this competitive sector. You also need to retain your best staff and stop them leaving to work for your competitors. You may not realise that the design of your call centre environment can massively impact how your employees feel when they are at work. In turn this affects both performance and retention in a big way!

Using next day Gravity Desks to improve the call centre environment

The ‘contact centre’ sector is often perceived as the Cinderella of work places. You, as an employer, can do a lot to change this perception and make your employees value the vital job that they are carrying out. Investing in high quality office furniture such as next day Gravity Desks is a big step in the right direction. You are showing your call-centre employees that they are highly valued and that you think they are worth investing in. In return, you get a highly motivated and productive workforce who enjoy working in sleek, modern space.

A key way to make your employees feel valued is to provide useful and interesting training and development. Your business can only benefit when you create a highly trained and skilled workforce. However, you need a suitable space where this training can take place. Choose an area that has some privacy so that your employees can concentrate on what they need to learn. However, this does not mean that the training room needs to be isolated or shut away out of sight. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

Many organisations find that an open training area means that employees are reminded of the support the business provides its employees and of the dynamic, busy workplace that they work in. You can arrange desks to maintain a feeling of privacy without hiding yourself away.

Investing in your call centre working environment

For employees to be truly productive they must have some ‘down’ time in the middle of a busy working day. You will need to organise a quiet places where employees can talk one-to-one or take on the most sensitive calls. You can arrange office desks so that your employees can utilise these quite areas easily without affecting the rest of the team.

Inevitable, there will be staff changes in this sector. Your contact centre teams will be fluid. There may be times when you need to create or dissolve a team quickly to cope with a rise and fall in demand. Employees need to move wherever they are needed and your office furniture has to facilitate this. Employees can rarely ‘own’ a single desk and flexibility is key. Thankfully, modern office furniture such as next day Gravity Desks provides you with this flexibility. Browse the huge choice at Office Furniture Online and choose what suits your workplace and budget.

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