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How can you create a designer looking reception on a tight budget?

It’s true that first impressions count, and in your business that means having a decent reception area in which to welcome your visitors and clients. However, when money is tight, creating a gorgeous reception area from scratch can be almost out of the question. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry, because there are lots of ways you can improve your reception without breaking the bank.

Here are some top tips for creating a better reception on a budget, from seeking out reception bundle deals to getting the right people working there. Why not see what you can do to improve your reception area today?

  • Cleanliness is essential: Reception areas are high traffic, so it can be all too easy for mud and dirt to get walked in from outside. Make sure keeping reception clean is high on your cleaner’s priorities, and if any furniture is looking marked or stained, get rid of it immediately.
  • Make it welcoming: Making visitors feel welcome means so much to your relationships, so make sure they are looked after from the moment they step in the door. Positively signpost the way to the reception desk, if it’s not obvious, and make sure good seating is available as well as a source of refreshments.
  • Add some greenery: A couple of plants in reception can instantly step things up a gear or two. Choose leafy plants over flowers and consider some of the amazing artificial plants as an option, which are always guaranteed to look perfect.
  • Have an awesome receptionist: Big smiles, full attention and positive attitude; just the bare minimum really for being a receptionist for a business. He or she is the face of your company, so not only do they need to look smart and presentable, they also need to be friendly, welcoming and super organised.
  • Make sure there is WIFI: We’re all busy people and having accessible WIFI in reception can mean your visitors can get on with answering emails while they are waiting for their meeting.
  • Add some colour: A few splashes of colour can really add to the overall impression of your reception area, making it seem more modern and warm. Take inspiration from your company branding, if appropriate, and make your reception a mini reflection of your brand identity and logo.
  • Seek out amazing deals: If you’ve decided there’s nothing for it but to replace the furniture, you’ll often find suppliers with amazing reception bundle deals on offer. This not only has the advantage of saving you money over buying items individually, but also means that all the furniture is from the same range and looks well put together when in place.
  • Bring in the art: Artwork doesn’t have to be expensive, and often posters and prints look just as attractive as originals. Try to make sure they are linked to your business somehow, or to your local area, rather than just being generic Monet’s or whatever. If possible, you could consider making a display of projects your company has worked on, of staff who work there, or of products you’ve made.

If you’re ready to invest in your reception today, check out some of our amazing current reception bundle deals which could see you furnishing your entire reception for a bargain price. Can’t find what you want? Talk to our team about other offers and discounts you may be entitled to and let us help you bring the wow factor into your reception area.

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