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Is she sitting properly? Find out here!

Something as simple as sitting can’t be bad for you… Right? Actually, health professionals have known for a long time that sitting is bad for your health. Sedentary (i.e. mostly seated) work means we spend less time doing a cardiovascular activity like walking and more time periods where our muscles are inactive. Not only that, most of us don’t even sit right at our desks.

Poor posture leads to backaches, muscles strains, RDI (repetitive strain injury) and push-pull problems as we reach awkwardly for items that should be close by but are unfortunately buried under paperwork, hidden behind the monitor or high up above us on a shelf.

Luckily, there are some things that you can do right now, as you read this, to resolve your sitting crisis once and for all.

Get it right – your health depends on it!

Let’s start with your desk. It’s the central command station of most of our working lives. We spend almost a third of our time there and it’s often the root of most of our problems.

Make sure your desk is the right height so that when seated, your legs are firmly on the floor and your arms are bent at the elbow at 90 degrees with your hands comfortably at the keyboard. Your chair comes into play here too – desk and chair should be seen as one unit, so adjust that too.

Your computer monitor is next on the list. You probably spend most of your day typing documents or reading emails. Looking down at your screen or straining up to see it puts stress on your neck, leading to all kinds of problems. Raise your monitors to eye height with a riser or simple stack of books.

A good office chair will also support the lower lumbar region of your back, helping your posture. You want to make sure that your back is comfortably supported in its natural position. Also, make sure that your chair doesn’t prevent you accessing the desk – arm rest can be dispensed with as you’ll rarely use them.

And most importantly…

Take regular breaks. Go for coffee refills or, even better, fill up your water bottle at regular intervals. Get up and actually talk to your colleagues at the other end of the office instead of sending them an email. It’ll not only keep you moving, but office interaction can make the day less dull and improve your enjoyment of your job.

Little changes make the difference; start applying all of these now and you’ll feel better almost immediately.

Need a new desk? Our next day Spark office desks are just the ticket!

Sometimes there’s no way around it, though. You just need a new desk. The Next Day Spark Office Desks are an excellent choice. Contemporary square leg designs make them stylish and the come complete with built-in cable ports – tidy away those ugly cables and give yourself more room for essential items.

Next Day Spark Office Desks also come with complimentary add-ons like cupboards, bookcases and drawer pedestals and with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, they’re built to last. Have a look at the full range here and get advice from our sales team on choosing the perfect desk.

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