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Sitting at your desk all day could be slowly killing you. If this sounds over-dramatic, consider that health professionals warn that a sedentary lifestyle contributes to obesity, diabetes and even cancer.

Just sitting all day has been linked in recent studies to cardiovascular problems and not sitting correctly at your desk can cause musculoskeletal problems and even depressions.

What can you do to prevent this? We’re stuck at our desks for most of our working day!

Luckily, there is an alternative, which is becoming increasingly popular – the standing desk. Standing, or sit-standing desks can reduce muscle pain, lessen fatigue and even boost productivity. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to find out some of the benefits of standing versus sitting.

The benefits of standing at your desk

Since the working day doesn’t allow for a lot of breaks, or let staff take part in cardiovascular activity, sitting at the desk is just storing up problems.

Workers who spend the majority of their day sitting are at risk of obesity and diabetes, among other things. They also tend to find they become less comfortable as the day progresses – a result of slouching or sitting up too straight and putting strain on back, shoulder and neck muscles.

Standing up burns more calories and encourages more dynamic movement over the course of the day, significantly reducing the chances of health problems appearing or getting worse.

Not only that, studies have found that workers who stand at their desks are on average likely to be 42% more productive! They report more energy, focus, collaboration and creativity – all factors that improve working conditions for staff and output for employers.

The sit-stand option

Back pain is an increasing problem for employers, because it’s directly affecting your bottom line. For workers under 45, back pain is now the leading cause of work-related disability. It causes sickness-absence, medical expenses and can result in litigation, meaning you have to pay out compensation.

Using sit-stand desks can offer relief to workers, show that you consider their health and well-being and dramatically improve your profits.

Sit-standing desks are the popular alternative to moving to a standing-only desk. They allow workers to sit when they need to but also shift the position of the desk to a standing one when they want to feel energised or need some relief from sitting in their chair all day.

Elite Flexi Office Desks offer the flexibility you need

If you’re thinking of upgrading your own desk or even your team’s, take a look at our incredible Elite Flexi Office Desks. Stylish desks that allow for flexibility and with a range of modern accents and dividing screens, this range comes in a choice of colour options.

Elite Flexi Office Desks also come with a full range of storage add-ons to help you make life more easy and efficient. These desks are great as individual workstations but they work equally well in team configurations, so no matter your needs, you’ll find endless flexibility and variation is possible.

Take a look at the full range here and talk to our friendly sales advice team for help with choosing the perfect desk to suit your needs.

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