Could your office benefit from some beautiful bench desks?

Choosing the right furniture for an office isn’t a simple case of opening up a website and picking the desks that make the biggest statement. You have to consider a host of factors, including price, ergonomics and space.

Office furniture styles change in trends but often those trends are led by other developments. During the last decade or so, offices opted for large wave-style desks or radial ‘pods’ that could accommodate bulky CRT monitors.

These were also useful for grouping staff together in a way that clearly defined teams.

Times change, though. Most employers prefer open plan office layouts that encourage collaboration and crossover of duties. Time to consider the good old bench desk then, such as the Next Day Velocity bench desks.

The bench desk: an old favourite

Bench desks fell out of fashion in favour of large executive style desks but they’re making a comeback. Driven by the creative industries who favour no partition walls and open plan harmonious spaces (think Google’s minimalist yet fun office layouts), the popularity of these simple solutions is crossing over into other sectors.

With most workers now using flat monitors or plug in and go laptop solutions, space is less of an issue than it once was. Bench desks mean you can fit more desks into the one area without compromising on staff personal space.

They are a simple, elegant way of maximising space and because they usually lack partition walls, they also increase the sense of collaboration and creativity, boosting productivity in the process.

Why are bench desks overlooked?

Many of still have in mind the big old chunky desks we’ve worked on ourselves. Yet think about the home or freelance worker – often space is at a premium so they design for themselves compact and efficient workspaces that optimise their productivity.

With hot-desking becoming more popular in the workplace and with many workers doing both remote and office-based work, the neat, compact bench desk can help to give workers a sense of freedom.

No longer does the office desk become laden with unnecessary junk; instead workers feel obliged and responsible for keeping to that clean desk policy you’ve always wanted.

How do you choose the right bench desk?

Choosing the colour is of key importance – this is partly how your office furniture represents your brand. The Next Day Velocity bench desks, for example, come in three classic colours – walnut, beech and white. White office desks are immensely popular as they tend to present a clean, functional yet fresh feel.

Choosing the positioning of the desks is also crucial. Double desk units are practical and cost-effective as they only require four legs per set of desks instead of eight. Our bench desks come with central cable access helping to protect cables and keep the space neat.

You can also choose to configure them with or without screen dividers – you might be unsure about having a completely open plan setup, so this gives you flexibility. Perhaps you’ll want to start off with dividers and remove them over time to allow your workforce to get used to the idea.

Office Furniture Online has a host of options to choose from in terms of office furniture but our Next Day Velocity bench desks are increasingly popular. Because we deliver them the very next day, our Velocity bench desks can be yours to own and love as soon as tomorrow! Talk to our team about next day Velocity bench desks today.

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