Elite Callisto A-Frame Ergonomic Desks

Elite Callisto A-Frame Ergonomic Desks

One of the best firm’s to work for seems to be WL Gore & Associates who were voted as the ‘best company to work for in the UK’ by The Sunday Times, and the company certainly has a very different approach to its staff than any other firm in the UK. It appears that taking an office desk space in this business is an experience like no other.

The firm believes in only paying their staff for the work that they do and there is no true chain of command with the traditional ‘managers’ and ‘bosses’ overseeing workers. This means there is no hierarchy in the workplace.

The company is a manufacturing firm who produce polymer and fabric products.

Each member of staff is actually known as “associates” and managers and those in charge are known as “sponsors” whose job it is to guide their staff. In fact even the office furniture is not decided through hierarchy but rather all staff works in the same style of office chair and office desk. The office furniture strictly reflects the type of job that you do rather than your position within the business.

From nearly 6,000 staff, 93% of them said in The Sunday Times survey that they would miss their office chair if they were to leave the business.

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    An executive chair may also be described as a manager’s chair.  This is a high back, padded desk chair, often with a leather front face, a headrest and may also act as a recliner with tilting mechanism and accompanying matching foot stool.

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