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If you are planning to give your office a makeover with some new office furniture then there are a few things you should be aware of when you are purchasing office desks.

In order to meet the requirements of British Standards office desks have to be put through a number of tests for stability, static loads, fatigue and impact. In order to pass the stability test a desk should stay standing even with pressure of 45 kilos when the desk is knocked from the side.

Desks pass the static loads test if they are strong enough to support up to 125 kilos of vertical load. Horizontal load is tested by ensuring that a desk can be pushed and dragged without the legs bending inwards or outwards. The fatigue test is designed to ensure that desks will stand the test of time. This is tested by the continued application of small loads of paper on the desk.

Finally an office desk should be able to withstand impact. The impact test involves simulating masses being dropped on the top of a desk and the drop test where one end is lifted and dropped onto a rubber floor. These tests are designed to assess whether an office desk will be able to withstand the various knocks and loads that it will receive over the years.

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