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Getting an amazing look to your office doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

As a new start-up you may not have a huge budget for kitting out your office but this does not mean that you want to compromise on design. It is essential that you get the look and feel of your workspace just right so that you can attract the staff that you need and impress your clients. This will require more than just buying some Acclaim Office Desks and ramming them into a cluttered office space. Here are some clever design tips that will make your office both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Stop, look and listen before you act

This is a good plan and not just for crossing the road! Observe how the dynamics of your workforce play out during a normal working day. Where colleagues need to work collaboratively, desks need to be arranged in ‘hubs’ to promote discussion and team working. If confidential and sensitive conversations are the norm for your organisation then private working spaces will be more appropriate. Sometimes you need to operate your business for a few months before you can work out what you need. Be prepared to move desks around several times until you reach the arrangement that works for you.

Create the illusion of space around your Acclaim Office Desks

An open, airy environment is pleasant to work in and a joy to visit. However, you may not have that much room to play with. This is when you need clever design tricks to make the most of what you have. Vertical storage units, which reach to the ceiling, can store a large amount files and papers out of sight. You can also use vertical gardens to create a talking point without using up a lot of space.

Monochromatic colour schemes make the eye move easily around a room without interruption. This makes a small space appear a lot larger than it really is!

Introduce as much natural light as possible

Natural light is mood –enhancing and actually benefits health. Without it, we cannot make Vitamin D. The last thing you want to do is place anything in front of windows. Natural lighting is one design element that simply cannot be overlooked. Arrange the office so that the light hits the workspace for the maximum hours a day.

Decorate the ceiling a pale colour so that as much light as possible bounces back into the room. If you are feeling really creative, a glass pendant light will add to the total effect. In the same way, polished floor boards reflect light upwards and make the room appear bigger. Glass doors allow natural light to travel across the workplace but they will need to contain safety glass to avoid nasty accidents. Carefully placed mirrors can reflect natural light and give the illusion of space in a small work area.

If you are searching for some items for your new office space you can find the full range of Acclaim Office Desks and a range of office accessories at Office Furniture Online. You can find something for offices of all shapes and sizes.

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