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November 25th, 2017
Office Furniture Online

Office Furniture Online

No matter what your business is or how many people work in your office, each and everyone will be an individual. People come in different shapes and sizes and office furniture that is appropriate for the mythical Mr. or Ms. Average just doesn’t suit most people.

Increasingly, time and motion. as well as health and safety at work studies, show that a person’s comfort levels at work can affect their output for better or worse. When someone is sitting in a chair that is uncomfortable and does not have the proper back and arm support, then their work output and the number of sick days they have will differ from those who sit in chairs that have the right kind of support.

When you have an office that is filled with many different individuals then you need to think seriously about the state of your office furniture. It is unrealistic to expect tall people to work at a desk that is too low for them or for short people to be given one that is too high. Office furniture budgets are limited, even more so in the present economic climate where people are looking to cut costs rather than invest in extra equipment. The only way to make sure that your staff has the desks and chairs that are appropriate to their size, without having to spend constantly, is to invest in adjustable office furniture.

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