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The office furniture market is littered with fabulous and funky accessories for your computer or office desk, however, are they really all essential?  Probably not, but the ones that are essential and will keep you from work injuries are ergonomic accessories. If you don’t (strictly speaking), already have an ergonomic office or computer desk this is a cheaper alternative to buying a new computer desk.

If we look at the basic ergonomic accessories that are necessary, these would be a keyboard rest and LCD monitor arms. These are the reasons why:

Keyboard rest – will protect you from work related ailments such as repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome.

LCD monitor arms – will mount a flat panelled monitor to the back of your office desk facing you (or indeed, anywhere you want).  This helps keep your computer or office desk surface de-cluttered and means you are able to move your screen as the sun changes direction through the window during the day.

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