A Spacious Home Office

September 22nd, 2017

Can you remember the days when your home office was brand new?  When it looked professional with the newly bought office furniture? No clutter or mess?  A few months later, we look around to see areas crowded with papers, disks and files.

To work well it’s not only important to have your home office organised but you need to have plenty of space in the office too.
Here are a few tips to keep your home office functional so you can focus.

Get rid of the clutter. Anything you don’t need recycle, anything you do need file away into a good system in your filing cabinet.  Don’t have any clutter lying on top of your office desk it will mess your mind up during your working day.

Look at your office desk. How many items are required for your work? Any useless items should be binned.

Your office desk shape is important. Having an office desk in the shape of a U or L will give you more room so you can sit “into” the shape. Use your office desk drawers for storing additional office supplies like pens and staplers.

If you’re using a computer don’t have wires hanging over the back of your office desk, it looks bad and it’s dangerous. If you have pets they may end up dragging your computer equipment off the office desk.

Make sure you have good lighting and keep an office lamp on top of your office desk so you don’t strain your eyes.
Keep your printer off your office desk and instead use a shelf to house it

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