A break with a difference

September 28th, 2017

If all the typing and sitting hunched at your office desk is taking its toll, some of the following will help you with simple exercises to ease the aches:

In your office chair without leaving your desk sit upright and move both your shoulders around in circles at the same time – do this for 2 minutes.

Again without leaving your office desk, practice tensing and relaxing your shoulders to relieve tension and strain – do this for 2 minutes.

At break time or lunch time make sure you take the opportunity to stand up and move around.  Stand with your back to your office desk and your hands gripping the office desk from the side and stretching your back arms. Do this for 1 minute.

Make sure you make a few excuses to get away from your office desk to see one or two colleagues on work related issues.  This keeps you from turning into a zombie in your office chair.  Being overwhelmed with work and trying to get through it without a break is actually not the best way to tackle things.  A break clears your head and makes you see things better, when you go back to your office desk to deal with your work you will do it faster by just taking 10 minutes out.

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    The sill is the lowest horizontal component of a stud partition, or the lowest horizontal member of a door or window frame.  These will form part of an office design specification to be included in a CAD.

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