Could you do more to make your clients feel welcome in your business?

Most businesses will receive clients in person at one time or another, and it’s crucial to make these special people feel super welcome when they step into your premises. It costs around five times more to secure a new client than it does to keep an existing one, so making these people feel warm and happy should be an absolute priority.

A positive customer experience should begin the moment they set foot through the door, so it’s important everyone is on board with this. As they say, first impressions count, so check out our 8 ways to welcome your clients and make an amazing first impression every time.

  1. Create the right appearance

What does your reception area look like? If it’s feeling a bit tired or dated, it’s crucial you invest some cash into making it a good reflection of your business. Comfortable reception seating, clean surroundings and some brand focussed touches will all help to create a professional, positive image.

  1. Ensure a natural flow

Visitors should be able to enter through the door and immediately be drawn towards the reception desk. If it’s not clear where they should go when they enter, they will quickly start to feel awkward and not at all welcome.

  1. Have a great person front of house

Your receptionist should be smiley, happy and positive, not to mention smart and well organised too. They should greet the person as soon as they enter, even if they are on the phone, so that the client feels acknowledged and knows they will be spoken to soon.

  1. Give them something to do

If there’s a chance your client will be waiting in reception for a few minutes, make sure there are things to occupy their attention. Think about informative wall displays, alluring artwork, company brochures and suchlike to help them relax and be occupied while they are waiting.

  1. Add a touch of luxury

Investing in high end reception seating can really step your company up a notch in terms of first impressions. As well as this, you could consider providing free WIFI, making refreshments available or anything else you think would make your guest feel welcome.

  1. Greet them warmly

When you arrive to take care of your client, give them an enthusiastic handshake and a big, warm smile. Greet them by name, ask how they’re doing and really listen to their answers.

  1. Take a genuine interest

Business is not all about doing business, you know. When you’re chatting to a client, take a genuine interest in the chit chat that surrounds your business transactions, so that you can build better rapport and a deeper relationship with them. If they mention they’re going on holiday, ask them how it was next time you see them.

  1. Get rid of distractions

While you’re having your client meeting, remove all distractions from the area. Turn the ringer off on your phone, close your laptop and really focus on your client until the meeting is over.

If you think your first impressions could do with a helping hand, check out or range of reception seating and other equipment to give your reception a makeover. Talk to our team for more information, or to ask any questions you might have.

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