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Here’s how to get a positive outcome at every client meeting.

Wowing a client is not just a good thing to be able to do in business; it’s crucial. As much as it might not feel like an audition, it is, and if you want to ensure that all important ‘yes’, you need to go into it prepared. Here are 7 ways you can make an awesome impression on your client as soon as you meet, so that you can win more business first time.

  1. Be a human

Don’t fall into the trap of being the ‘expert’ and them being the ‘customer’. You’ll immediately go into sales pitch mode, and that’s not always what’s required, at least not at this stage. Be two humans in a room; talk about the weather, ask about their day, make a little small talk before you get down to business.

  1. Look the part

Whether you’re meeting in your office, via video link or somewhere else, make sure you and your surroundings really look the professional part you should. Wear appropriate attire, if video calling make sure background distractions are minimal, and if meeting in your office, have a reception you can be proud of. Investing in good reception furniture like our Elite Reception Furniture is a great way to create a positive first impression.

  1. Have an agenda

As much as you can kick off in a fairly informal way, you should have a plan of what you want to cover in your meeting. Run the agenda by your client before you get started; this way they’ll feel they can already trust you because you’re the competent captain of this here ship.

  1. Research before you meet them

Don’t go blindly into a meeting without doing your homework; even if you’re an expert in ‘winging it’, it’s not a good strategy. Instead, read up on them, their recent achievements, and note some things that you love about their business to keep the conversation flowing.

  1. Ask lots of questions

Questioning the client shows you’re not only interested, but you’re listening to them and keen to know more. Have a few key questions already noted down and develop more lines of information gathering as they begin to talk to you about their project.

  1. Say their words back to them

One of the best ways to instil confidence in your client (and ensure clarity on your side) is to repeat their statements back to them. By repeating key things to them that they’ve said to you, you’re showing you’ve received and understood the important messages, and if you haven’t then there’s a golden opportunity to correct things.

  1. Be positive, but realistic

It’s all too easy to over-promise your client because you felt under pressure to say yes, but this will only lead to disappointment and mistrust later on. Instead, respond to requests positively with a ‘yes, that sounds feasible, let me look into it and get back to you’ rather than a ‘yes, definitely’ when you’re actually not sure.

Client meetings can make or break your business, so take some time to get yourself into a position where you can feel confident and comfortable in the meeting environment. Check out our range of Elite reception furniture to give your clients the very best first impression, and make sure you get the best out of every meeting, every time.

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