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How could you improve the meetings you have at work?

Do you find yourself drifting off in your meetings? Or perhaps you’ve noticed that although you are fully engaged, the rest of the team are not quite so enthused? You’ve got a meeting problem.

Meetings are a necessary evil of the business environment, and whether it’s a big formal get together in the board room or a small pow wow in one of your meeting pods, getting the most from this time together is crucial for the efficiency of any company. Time wasted is money wasted, so next time you’ve got a meeting to hold, try to replicate some of these characteristics of the most effective meetings:

1.      Well planned

Meetings which don’t have the planning put into them beforehand can become something of a talking shop. There should be a clear reason for having the meeting, an outlined agenda circulated in advance and a commitment from the people involved to make it a success.

2.      Productive

Good, effective meetings will have a clear goal in mind, and everything that happens in that space leads towards achieving that goal. Brainstorming is fine, but there should be a set time limit and a clear route onwards from there.

3.      Organised

Organisation of your meeting begins with planning where and when to have it. You could pick meeting pods for a small, intimate discussion, or book out a room for a larger gathering. People should know where to go and when, and should arrive early, ready to start by the allotted time.

4.      Efficient

Efficiency is key to not wasting precious employee time in meetings and having to explain and re-explain the same old things is a highly inefficient strategy. This is the reason minutes exist, and the reason that all attendees should read up on anything they might have missed in the previous meeting.

5.      Safe

Meetings are only effective if everyone feels comfortable to join in with the discussion. Attendees shouldn’t be on guard, or be made to feel uncomfortable, otherwise they are unlikely to give a decent input to the conversation. Meeting pods are a good way to make a conversation more intimate and private, and to get the best out of people when a subject is touchy.

6.      Timely

We’ve already touched on people attending the meeting in plenty of time, but the meeting should be run on time too. If you’ve given a finish time, you should stick to it, so that attendees can confidently plan things to do after the meeting. Have cut off times for sections of the meeting, so that you can move on and cover everything you need.

7.      Engaging and relevant

If you’ve ever been in a meeting and wondered why you were asked there, because nothing going on seems to have anything to do with you, this is a perfect example of what not to do. Invite the right people, explain the relevance from the get-go and make sure everyone is invested in the goals of the meeting.

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