How could you help your mailroom to run more efficiently?

Mailrooms can be a crucial part of any successful business and having one which works well and optimises efficiency makes sense for every company. Efficient mailrooms reduce human error, boost employee morale and ensure mail is being handled in the best possible way.

If your mailroom efficiency leaves something to be desired, take a moment to check out our five top tips for improving the way it’s being managed, and see if you can make some simple improvements yourself.

1.      Establish a schedule

It might seem obvious, but by explicitly stating at what times things have to happen, mailroom workers will be clearer on their responsibilities and will be able to stay more organised. Having them exclusively work on sorting the morning post for an hour after it arrives, as well las spending the last hour of the day archiving and disposing of junk mail will help keep things organised every day.

2.      Use free standing mail sorters

Mail traffic can vary depending on the season and the type of business you run, so rather than having fixed sorters attached to the wall, free standing mail sorters can give you the added flexibility you need in different areas of the room. This will help mail workers to bring the sorters to the pile of post, rather than having to continually move around the mailroom themselves to get things organised.

3.      Ensure a good disposal system is in place

So much mail is unnecessary for archiving, or even for distribution, so make sure you have a good system in place for quick and efficient disposal. Some mail will be sensitive, so ensure you have shredders in place to deal with that, as well as recycling bins for non-sensitive and junk mail disposal.

4.      Dedicate a space for priority mail

Mail that needs to be actioned immediately, such as bills, contracts or legal documents, should have their own space in your mail room. This will help clerks to quickly identify them and get them to the relevant department in a timely manner.

5.      Invest in the equipment your workers need most

Take the time to audit your mail processes as they are now and look for points of inefficiency within the system. Sometimes, something as simple as larger mail sorters or an envelope sealer can make your mailroom workers job so much easier. Don’t be afraid to put your money where your mouth is because a wise investment will save cash in the long run by reducing employee time and the potential for errors.

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