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5 things to focus on this year…

A lot of business owners don’t give the design of their office much thought. Of course, they want it to look professional, but often that’s as far as it goes. But the design of your office can be an important influencer in the success of your business, so doesn’t it make sense to pay it more attention?

Office design can have an impact on productivity levels, on employee satisfaction and even on their health. A happy, engaged and talent retaining workplace will mean greater profits for you, so an investment in office design could pay dividends. Here’s what you need to know about office design in 2018, and how you can apply these ideas to your own workplace.

1. Consider new seating options

You can revitalise any office space by opting for innovative seating. Think about how you hold meetings at present. Most businesses will have a big conference table with corporate-style chairs placed around it, which fulfils the traditional image of what a meeting room should look like. But imagine, for a moment, how different your company meetings would be if you had an area with low, round seating, like a semi-circular sofa. Changing the design this way could put everyone on the same level, inspiring more honest conversations and more comfortable, relaxed meetings.

2. Promote collaboration

Successful teamwork is all about collaboration, and building collaborative workspaces into your design will help inspire mutual cooperation to happen. You should aim to create a relaxed environment where employees can easily work together, free from distractions and both physical and mental barriers. Think comfortable seating, cafe-bar style areas and places where small groups can get away from the bustle of the main floor.

3. Bring nature into the office

Bring the outdoors in with plants and flowers, and integrate natural elements into the design of your workplace, such as outdoor office extensions, living walls, water features and salvaged wood. Biophilic design elements like this have benefits that are real and measurable in terms of human performance metrics, including healing, learning, stress reduction, emotional well being and productivity.

4. What happens to the filing room?

More and more companies and departments are moving their physical files to the cloud. The only exceptions are industries that are heavily regulated, for example, healthcare and finance. Cloud-based storage gives you more flexibility with regards to office design, as you reduce the space that is required for storage, filing, copying and printing. You should think about how you are going to creatively repurpose the filing room. Perhaps it could be a huddle workspace for projects or a small conference room?

5. Perfect design with our Next day UCLIC Aspire desks

A great office should bring with it a great workspace for every employee, and our next day UCLIC Aspire desks are a great solution for this. Highly versatile and with plenty of storage space, organisation will come easily with these desks in place. Because we deliver them the very next working day, you can start your office redesign right away, and start benefitting from a more employee centric workplace sooner than you thought.

Investing in office design could be the best thing you’ve done this year. Let Office Furniture Online help you realise your dreams for a more productive, more inspirational environment for your precious team.

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