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Including plants in your office design is a top trend for 2018.

Office design trends come and go like any other fashion, but some top trends are likely to last more than others.

Office interior design trends are often driven as much by new business cultures and HR practices as they are by more general fashion and style fads, which means there are some office trends worth watching. Implement them are you’re not just bringing the office up to date, you’re also preparing it, and the workforce, for the future.

We look at five of the top office design trends for 2018 that we think are going to last.

Top five trends in office this year

Flexible design

The hybrid office is here to stay. You’d be forgiven for feeling confused about the pros and cons of the open-plan working environment – one minute it was the next big thing, the next it was considered too chaotic and distracting.

The hybrid is a flexible approach that blends cubicle working, interior office and open-plan space. Groups of bench desks allow teams to work together, without dividers, increasing collaboration, while private bookable offices, meeting rooms and breakout areas allow for much-needed privacy.

Colour matching

Pantone, producer of the world’s leading standard colour matching system, has named a green shade, called ‘Greenery,’ as its colour of the year.

Green is a remarkably neutral colour, rarely inspiring the kind of polarisation in preference that other colours do. It reminds us of natural and biology and flashes and accents of green in the office remind us that there’s more to life than work.

It can also serve as an announcement that your company is “going green” – environmental impact in the workplace is fast going to become an essential analytic over the next decade, so get your green credentials ready and prove to your staff and clients that you think about the bigger picture.

Introducing plants

Following on from accenting with colour, actually bringing plants into the workspace not only reminds us of nature – they can actually improve air quality too.

Succulents (of which cacti are part of the family) continue to be popular due to their hardiness and self-sufficiency, while air plants are the new trend. Air plants have specialised leaves that mean the take all their nutrition from the air – they don’t need to be potted!

Think about scents

Think about your morning walk to work when you pass the supermarket. That smell of freshly baked goods probably isn’t completely natural – many shops now pump specially-designed fragrances through air conditioning to entice in morning shoppers.

That’s because up to 75% of our emotions are affected by smell – it’s powerful stuff. Offices are starting to look into customising fragrances that create calming or energetic moods.

Blended workforce

The blended workforce is the flexible, agile workforce of the future. Individuality is key here – allowing staff to choose how they work best has been seen to massively boost productivity.

Having a mix of full-time, freelance and remote workers not only lets you get the best out of those individuals who have the option to choose, it also results in innovation, diversity and dynamism.

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