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5 Office Furnishings You Just Can’t Do Without

As a place we all spend a large proportion of our lives, our offices should be a relatively pleasant place to be. Creating a happy, healthy environment in which to work can boost productivity, increase happiness and reduce the number of sick days the business suffers. While office furnishings such as desks, chairs and lighting are certainly required to ensure your business runs well, there are a few things which can contribute to a better office setting that might just have slipped your mind.

Going beyond office furnishings: What else does your business need?

Here are some of the most beneficial things to include in your office design if you want to create a happy, healthy and productive place to work.

  1. Plants

Living plants can make a big difference to your office space. Research shows that plants reduce office stress, increase productivity, retain employees, reduce noise and boost available oxygen.  Plants are cheap, easy to care for and look nice too, so consider some leafy friends in your office to make everyone feel better.

  1. A coat stand

Coats left hanging over chairs, bags left on the floor and other bits of loose clothing are not only unsightly, but can also cause a healthy and safety hazard in the workplace. A coat stand is perfect for your office space; it serves a purpose for both you and your visitors and adds a classic touch of style to the room. You can choose from both modern and traditional styles to keep your items looking neat and organised.

  1. Desk fans

Research has proven time and again that maintaining a comfortable temperature in the workplace can boost productivity, improve job satisfaction and reduce the number of sick days. However, some people feel the heat more than others, so having a few desk fans to hand can give individuals vital control over their own environmental comfort. Using fans on warm summer days can help to reduce the air conditioning bill too, so it’s a win-win situation.

  1. Cup holders

There’s nothing worse than spilling a mug of tea or coffee all over your documents, or worse, your keyboard. Keeping rogue mugs amongst the other clutter on your desk is a disaster waiting to happen, but clip on cup holders can be your saviour. Cup holders can be added to the ends of desks to keep hot drinks away from wandering elbows, and give any meeting guests somewhere to place their drinks and preserve your desk.

  1. A clock

We firmly believe that a good, reliable clock should be high on anyone’s list of essential office furnishings. Although individual employees may wear watches or use clocks on computers and phones, nothing quite compares to having a universal place to conduct a time check and synchronise any meetings or deadlines by. You can get creative and choose a stylish office clock that will provide both a functional and attractive addition to your environment.

Thinking about some of these additional items can make all the difference in your office. They might not be completely essential for your business to function, but they do a great job of making your workplace a more pleasant place to spend some time.

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