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Caring about ergonomics could help your employees avoid back pain

You’ve probably heard of ergonomics. You might even know what it is. Yet you might not be convinced of the business case for ensuring good ergonomic furniture is provided for staff.

Shelling out on new furniture often seems like a luxury and yet it has been proven that ergonomic furniture could actually improve your bottom line by improving productivity.

Don’t believe us? Read on and find out the top five reasons why investing in ergonomic furniture could actually improve your business.

5 scientifically-proven reasons to upgrade your furniture

1 – Improved health & safety

Health & safety legislation has become tighter over the years and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) regularly carry out workplace inspections. While for many health & safety still seems to be a symptom of the “nanny state,” top employers now recognise that it is essential for looking after their workforce and limiting litigation when things go wrong.

Flaunt your safety credentials as one of your core values and let your clients know you move with the times and that you are a caring employer.

2 – Improved productivity

Ergonomics encourages efficiency, it’s that simple. Staff can carry out jobs easier and quicker when workstations are efficiently designed, preventing them from exerting themselves with a lot of impractical manoeuvers that slow down their workflow.

3 – Better quality work

We all know about the afternoon dip – post-lunches, many workers fall into a slump, resting themselves on poorly-designed desks and workstations. This results in a lack of concentration which is only increased by frustration at inefficient and impractical workstations.

Better designs actually encourage staff to sit up and alert, improving their energy and as a result, they put in more quality work.

4 – Reduce overheads

Constant maintenance of old furniture, staff absenteeism due to ill-health and compensation payouts for work-related injuries sustained over time by using outdated furniture all eat away at your bottom line, shrinking profits.

Buying new, ergonomic furniture could actually prove to be a cost saving exercise.

5 – Improve morale

An unhappy or dissatisfied workforce is a killer for your business growth. Employee engagement is the key trend work in HR circles at the moment and it’s the most fundamental thing you can do to improve morale. Show your workers you care by providing them with effective, practical and inspirational office furniture and you’ll increase retention rates and reduce absenteeism.

Not only that, but staff will return your investment with more productivity and better quality work.

Grab better ergonomics with our BN Primo Space Office Desks

If you’re convinced that you need to upgrade to better, more ergonomic furniture, you’d do well to check out our fantastic BN Primo Space Office Desks. Stylish and well-built, the range will not only boost morale but will also save you money in the long run – these desks are built to last.

BN Primo Space Office Desks are designed to suit every office environment, from managers’ desks to bust workstations and meeting rooms. Improve the overall experience for staff and visitors by refitting the entire office.

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