Accrington Solid Wood Home Office Furniture

We think the reclaimed wood and stylish design of the Accrington range is perfect for your gorgeous home office

Creating a home office is such an exciting time. Finally, you have a room all of your own, which you can furnish and tailor to your very own needs. Fantastic! If you plan to meet clients in your home office, or even if you just want to create something special for yourself, considering the choices you make in your design are crucial right from the start.

Here are four key elements of a truly elegant home office which you’ll be proud to show off to your clients, friends and family:

  1. An awesome desk

It goes without saying that you’re going to need a desk, and as much as this is one of the most basic needs, it’s also one of the most important features.  Not only does your desk need to be the right size and shape for you, it also provides an aesthetic centrepiece for your room, so you’ll want a nice looking one too.

Think about the size of desk you need, as grabbing a huge one might make your look all exec but will limit the amount of storage you can have in other areas of the room. Maybe all you need is a small computer desk, or perhaps a bureau would be more your style?

  1. A comfortable, healthy chair

What do we mean by a healthy chair? Well, if you haven’t been office chair shopping in a while, you’ll be surprised by how much technology has moved on in the world of ergonomics. A healthy chair shouldn’t put excess strain on your back, neck or shoulders, and should enable you to get close enough to the desk to work without stretching.

By all means choose an office chair you like the look of, but don’t be seduced by the designer options which might not be as ergonomically appropriate as some of the others.

  1. Great lighting

Life at a desk is miserable without decent lighting, so rathe than going for that super stylish model you saw in the shop last week, think really carefully about your needs. If you work mainly on a computer, an ambient light is fine for background lighting. If you draw, write or craft in your office, you’re going to need something more capable of providing task lighting while you work.

As well as choosing the style of your lamp, think about the bulb you’re going to use. LED lights use far less electricity than halogen or fluorescent alternatives, and they don’t get hot which means you won’t be sweltering at your desk. Consider also a daylight bulb, which is much kinder on your eyes and will improve your circadian rhythms.

  1. Storage, storage and yet more storage!

There’s nothing elegant about an office which has ring binders piled high and paperwork strewn around, so make sure there’s a place for everything when you’re designing your home workspace. Think about the amount of physical paperwork you’ll need to store, as this will help you choose a solution that’s right for you.

Whether you need a small bookcase or a huge sideboard with shelves, you’re not limited to office-y type stuff only. Our range of Accrington Solid Wood Home Office Furniture is not only functional and high quality, it’s also downright gorgeous. Using reclaimed wood aged between 50 and 100 years old, this range features bookcases, computer desks, sideboards and more, all made to order just for you. Functional and fabulous; we think Accrington Solid Wood Home Office Furniture is a great choice for anyone.

For more advice on furnishing your new home office, call and speak to our experts today.

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