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In a high-end business, presenting the right sort of first impression is crucial. Often, the first experience of your brand and business will happen in your reception area, before you’ve even met that client, so it’s important to get it right. If you’re setting up business on a shoestring but want that high end look, here are four simple design tricks to get your reception looking amazing.

Think about light

Sometimes having the right light can completely change the way a space looks and feels. For your reception area, instead of having big fluorescent lights glaring down on your visitors, choose instead to spotlight a few key areas, or use uplighters in the walls for a warmer, more modern look. Natural light is great too, so if possible, keep furniture away from windows and make sure your windows are clean and clear to let in as much as you can.

Make the most of space

Whether your reception is generous or dinky, not overcrowding it is key to achieving a high-end look. Consider how many people you’re likely to have waiting at any one time, and don’t overdo the number of chairs and tables you place in the space. Leaving things bright and airy is key to the high-end look, so go minimal yet functional for the perfect designer touch.

Invest in great looking furniture

Not all amazing furniture has to be expensive. Take our Komac Reception Furniture range, for example. These colourful, modern items are not the most expensive available; not by a long way, and yet they really look the part in a top of the range reception. Focus on quality, affordable furnishings, and take on the ethos that less can indeed be more. A few pieces of well picked furniture can go a long way to giving your reception that designer edge.

Add some bespoke artwork

Artwork doesn’t have to be million-pound pieces by well-known artists. In fact, with modern technology the way it is, it’s possible to create your very own art pieces from corporate images you have already paid for. Using simple tools like Photoshop, you can present your images in an edgy fashion, by adding filters, changing colours and cropping elements out. Get your new art printed on a canvas by any of the affordable suppliers out there, and you’ve instantly got yourself a unique piece of wall art that’s totally in keeping with your brand.

Take a look at our website for Komac Reception Furniture, plants, coat stands and more, and you’ll discover just how affordable a designer reception makeover can be.

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