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Creating a positive first impression is all about getting the greeting right.

It’s all too easy to make someone feel unwelcome. A subtle gesture, or lack of one, is often enough to turn someone off completely, and when that happens in your business, the results can be disastrous.

Visitors of all types should receive the same courtesy and professionalism, as you never know when someone is coming in with an amazing offer for you. Your visitors can base their perceptions of you and your company on the actions, words and experiences they have in the first few minutes of arriving, so it’s important to get things right. Here are 10 top tips for greeting visitors warmly, to help you make everyone feel equally important and welcome.

  1. Professionalism from the first moment: Your receptionist is your gatekeeper, but they are also the first touchpoint for the visitor to experience company culture and professionalism. Make sure they are capable, professional and friendly from the outset to give your visitors the best first impressions.
  2. Clarify everything: Your receptionist should ask them who their appointment is with, rather than assuming they know, as an incorrect assumption signals inefficiency, something that will reflect badly on your company as a whole.
  3. Ask their name: Rather than getting their name wrong, ask them their name and ensure the pronunciation is committed to memory. If your receptionist is doing this for you, ensure they pass on the right way to say the visitors name to ensure they are addressed correctly throughout their visit.
  4. Keep them informed: Let the visitor know that the person they are seeing will be with them in a moment. If things are taking longer than a moment, they should be told ‘he/she will be with you in five/ten minutes’ and offered refreshments while they are waiting.
  5. Make reception amazing: Ensure you have comfortable seating, reception coat stands and other caring touches to help them feel welcome. Provide company literature or industry journals for them to flick through while they are waiting.
  6. Be ready on time: Don’t be caught out by a visitor. If they have an appointment, be prepared for them to show up several minutes early, and have a clear desk, prepared notes and a clear mind ready in plenty of time.
  7. Switch off distractions: Put your phone on silent, have your calls diverted and switch off your computer. If you need your PC on to enable your meeting, make sure there is no confidential or inappropriate content on the screen, and disable any flashy screensavers to avoid unwanted distraction.
  8. Stand up when you greet them: This gives a more professional experience and lets you shake hands with them. Ask them to sit and offer refreshments before commencing your meeting.
  9. Aim to end things on time: Everyone is busy, so don’t let things drag on if you’ve promised a meeting to end at a specific time.
  10. Take them to reception yourself: Don’t just let them wander off through the building; chances are they don’t remember their way to the exit particularly well. Make sure they’ve collected their belongings and any overcoats from your reception coat stands before thanking them for the visit.

Creating a flawless experience for every visitor will ensure your company stands the best chance of securing business opportunities every time. Check out our range of reception furniture and reception coat stands to help present that professional image.

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