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First day at work, but what do you really need on your desk?

Newly graduated? Welcome to the working world! If you’re about to start your first office job, you may be concerned about what to bring with you. We’ve put together a handy guide to help you start your first job with ease.

10 things you need on your desk for your first office job

  1. Your own mug

Your new office might have a stash of mugs to hand, but there’s always something nice about having your own mug, plus you’ll know it’s been cleaned properly! Personalise it and you’ll have a little something that’s yours (useful if you have a clear desk policy).

  1. A water bottle

Staying on the drinks theme, it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day so keeping a water bottle to hand is a great idea. You’ll be more likely to drink from it if you keep it close and a reusable bottle will show off your environmentally-friendly tendencies to your new colleagues.

  1. Some stationary

Whilst your new workplace is bound to have office supplies, it won’t hurt to bring in some bits yourself. Keep them tidy with a desk tidy or use a pencil case so that you won’t have to keep asking others to borrow their equipment.

  1. A mobile phone charger

Purchase an extra phone charger to keep at your desk to avoid the dreaded battery drain on your way home. With travel tickets, bank cards and more being used by mobiles, a dead battery can ruin your day so keep one nearby so you’ll always have some charge.

  1. Hand sanitizer/wipes

Offices are a breeding ground for germs so if you want to keep infections at bay, keep your desk area clean with some hand sanitizer or some antibacterial wipes.

  1. A planner

Having a planner will benefit you more than you know, and yes, we mean a paper one. Start good habits early on so that you can stay organised and on top of meetings, deadlines etc. Technology can’t always be relied upon and it’ll help you to plan our your weeks to make the most of your working hours.

  1. A USB mug warmer

Mug warmers are the perfect gadget to treat yourself to when you start a new job. Plug it into your USB port and never deal with a cold cuppa again!

  1. A lunchbox

Lunchboxes are cool again and if you’d like to start your new job by not spending all of your money on food, then bringing in your lunch from home is a good idea. Choose a funky design or a cool metal container, as well as snack pots to keep those sugary cravings at bay!

  1. Headphones

If you’re going to be working in an open-plan office, then headphones will be your saviour. Not only will they allow you to get on with your work in peace without interference from office chatter, you’ll also do your bit to stop distracting others. Keep them at your desk and use them when you need to.

  1. Some photos

Starting a new job can be daunting, so having some friendly, familiar faces looking back at you might help you feel at ease. Whether it’s your other half, your pet or your kids, having some photos on your desk will offer that personal touch. I

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