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If the POTUS reached across to a big red button during your interview, what would you do?

We’ve all sat at Braemar Pro Office Desks and had a sudden craving for a snack or a sugary drink. That’s what office work does to you, right? Should the President of the United States be any different? The trick is making sure that the boss is looking the other way before reaching into our drawer and rummaging around for some sweets or a drink.

When we find the drawer is empty, we have to get up and go to the vending machine, the snack bar or the corner shop to get supplies. If we are really lucky was may be able to persuade the office junior to go for us. It makes sense that the most powerful guy in the world has other means of getting what he wants whilst he’s working at his desk!

Trump’s red button causes a media stir

The President of the USA and the ‘big red button’ have been the butt of jokes for decades. The humour belies the fact that the Oval Office contains the means to start a nuclear war. It is hardly surprising then that an interviewer became very concerned when President Trump pressed the button during their conversation. Stephen Colbert was concerned that his questions may have prompted a nuclear strike and signalled the end of the world.

Luckily, the truth was far less worrying. The button, strategically placed on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office at the White House is used to summon a butler carrying a glass of coke for Donald Trump.

The story whipped social media into a frenzy with tweeters recommending that the President should switch to Pepsi and others hoping that he never mixed up the two red buttons at his disposal! What he thought of this reaction is not known but President Trump is no stranger to social media himself. He regularly takes to Twitter and shares his thoughts several times a day with his 29 million followers worldwide. This can be extremely controversial and has rubbed some very important people up the wrong way!

Workplace snacks at Braemar Pro Office Desks

Joking aside, carbonated drinks are not the best snack to consuming when you are busy at work. The sugar will give you an instant ‘rush’ but that will soon wear off and it is easy to fall into a mid-afternoon slump. Instead, sip some water or unsweetened fruit juices to keep your body properly hydrated. Fresh fruit and nuts are also a great way of keeping up energy levels as they release carbohydrates slowly and will keep you going for hours.

If you want to look after your postural health as well, you can check out the full range of Braemar Pro Office Desks by visiting Office Furniture Online. You probably spend more time at your desk than Donald Trump does so look after your back. Remember you don’t have a butler to do the fetching and carrying for you!

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