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Focusing on employee wellness could create a more productive, more efficient workforce for your business

“Employee wellness” might have seemed like the last trend but increasing number of employers are recognising the benefits of putting employees’ health and welfare first.

You not only have a duty of care under health and safety legislation to look after your employees and prevent them coming to harm – focusing on your employees’ health can actually increase productivity, reduce staff churn and improve your bottom line.

With all these benefits, if you haven’t made employee wellness the new focus of your company culture, you could easily find your business gets left behind. Read on for more detail on just how your business could benefit.

Employee wellness – no longer just a fad

A happy, satisfied workforce is a productive workforce – this isn’t just pie-in-the-sky thinking, but provable fact. On top of that, a healthy workforce not only reduces sickness absence, it also improves loyalty – if staff know you will take care of them, they’ll take care of your bottom line.

Focus on wellness will reduce staff churn and increase retention, saving you money on recruitment and training. It also means that you retain knowledge and experience which can put you ahead of the competition.

Businesses across the UK are focusing on employee wellness and clients and customers are increasingly expecting to see evidence that employees are looked after when making choices. Focusing on wellness could put you ahead of the game and improve your competitiveness.

How to implement employee wellness

Stress management

Stress in the workplace is one of the biggest contributing factors to sickness absence. As the economic dipped in 2008/9, lay-offs often meant that less staff were doing more work. The increased workload coupled with a lack of focus from employers means increased stress levels.

Consider finding room in your budget for extra staff, even on a temporary basis. Offer counselling programmes, regular one-to-ones and the opportunity for employees to relax.

Flexible working

Work/life balance is crucial to making employees feel valued. Their personal lives are as important as their work – and usually more so. Allowing employees to work flexible shift patterns or carry out home working that allows them to look after family or carry out other activities results in reduced absence and improved loyalty.

Health choices

Many workplaces fill up canteens and kitchens with cakes, biscuits and other sugary snacks, especially when holding meetings. Give workers the choice and help them to look after their health by offering free fruit and nuts they can snack on.

Comfortable office space

Cosy break-out areas, well-furnished canteen and kitchen areas and comfortable meeting rooms improve morale and ensure that staff feel well-treated. Simple changes can make a lot of difference, such as having one or two sofas in breakout areas instead of office chairs.

Improved ergonomics

Sedentary workers are prone to backaches, muscle pain and even increased risk of diabetes over time. Make sure your employees’ physical health is improved by carrying out regular ergonomic assessments and keeping furniture up to date with current standards. Sit-stand desks are becoming more popular over time as they allow your workforce flexibility.

Solar Sit-Stand Desks could improve the wellness of your workforce

Solar Sit-Stand Desks are height adjustable desks that promote movement throughout the day, reducing fatigue and increasing alertness. Available with a range of storage add-ons to complement the desks, you could fit out your whole office and keep your business up to date.

Our fantastic Solar Sit-Stand Desks are available in a variety of modern wood styles and you can view samples on request, as well as getting help and advice from our sales team on selecting the right pieces. Browse through our full range here.

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