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Attracting and retaining top talent could be easier with better office design

Staff recruitment is an expensive business. You have the outlay of searching for, shortlisting, interviewing and selecting candidates. Then you spend months training them up and equipping them with the skills to do the job effectively. It’s a financial and business disaster if they promptly leave you, taking precious skills and knowledge to a competitor.

You need to do everything that you can to make sure that your millennial recruits stay sat at the Spark Office Desks in your business and do not flee to someone else’s. Here’s what you can do to make that happen.

How to keep millennials sat at your Spark Office Desks

Millennials are social creatures. They have been brought up in a business world that believes that collaboration is the name of the game. They love to work in teams. It’s up to you to make sure that this is possible.

Check out Office Furniture Online and select Spark Office Desks and other office furniture that will encourage collaborative work. Then arrange them in a way that will keep your millennial workforce happy. You could try these ideas:

  • Create team zones within the workplace. Divide your workforce into groups based on function or task. Think about who needs to work together and why. These can be rotated every few months to promote wider collaboration throughout the whole organisation.
  • Make some huddle rooms. If you have any small side rooms in your building you can turn them into huddle rooms. Each of the small rooms could have equipment to promote discussion and debate. Items such as white boards and flip charts can be very useful.
  • Don’t forget privacy. The one drawback of a collaborative working space is that it lacks privacy. Sometimes, there will be occasions when workers need to have confidential discussions or private telephone conversations. These could about for human resources of employee welfare issues. You can create booths with solid, sound-proof partitions where employees can have some privacy without having to leave the office.
  • Relaxed social settings: Kit out some of your larger rooms with lounge chairs and bean bags. Provide some games for chill-out time.

Underpinning this must be up-to-the-minute digital and mobile technology that millennials will quite rightly expect in every work place.

What else can you do?

You can talk to them and ask them what they want! The patriarchal approach to being a boss is very outdated and modern employees expect to feel like, and be treated as, a member of a team. They will want their opinion to be listened to and to be treated with respect.

You could start the process by conducting a simple on-line survey and ask them how they would like to reshape the work environment. Then involve them in both the design and execution stage of the refurbishment.

Follow these simple tips and you will notice a change in attitudes in your team. You will reap the rewards by way of retaining those talented, and much south after, millennials who can make your business a success.

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