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Five telltale signs your office is ready for a redesign

Surely it’s what you do in your office that matters not what it looks like! If this sounds like something that you would say you may be missing the whole point of office design and your business is missing out on features that could give it the edge on the competition. Here are five obvious signs that your office is ripe for a refurb!

Do you need a radical refurb and NEXT DAY Duo Desks?

Take a long hard look around your office. If you can spot any of the following five telltale signs, you need to start planning that redesign straight away!

  1. It looks less than impressive! If even you are not impressed by your office your clients will not be forming a great impression of your business when they first come to visit! Try to pin-point exactly what the problem is. If your design is out of date, or your office furniture is out of date, you need to act quickly. NEXT DAY Duo Desks and a lick of paint can make all the difference!
  2. It’s not exactly inspiring. The purpose of your office is not simply to house your employees. It should facilitate and inspire. The right design can increase productivity by streamlining workflow and boosting employee morale. When you are setting out your office think about layout, functionality, lighting and noise.
  3. It makes you feel stressed. Stress at work is nothing new and workplace stress is impossible to completely eliminate. However, if you are actually starting to feel ill as you walk into the office it is time to make some changes. Working in a cluttered, scruffy and out-dated space can make you feel stressed and low. If you feel this wat, it is likely that your employees, visitors and even your clients are feeling it too. Stress and low morale are the enemies of high productivity so this has to change and must change soon!
  4. There is no “wow” in your workspace. If you need to create a “wow” factor in your office (and let’s face it, most people do) you need to think this through and choose the designs that will deliver. You can immediately and easily set your workplace apart from the others with NEXT DAY Duo Desks and clever use of colours and lay –outs. Propel your office space and your business to the next level of success.
  5. You wouldn’t choose it! Look at your office with a fresh perspective and a critical eye. If you were looking for a place of work would you choose it or wold you walk away? If it is the latter, it is a sign that you have fallen out of love with your office space and you need to make some changes. Imagine that you had to show off your office to a prospective tenant or to a potential buyer. What could you do to make it more attractive? If you’d do it for them, you should do it for yourself and your employees too!

Pop along to Office furniture Online for inspiration and refresh your office space. You’ll be glad you did it!

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