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Do you ever feel like you’re not getting noticed at work?

Are you failing to climb up the career ladder because no-one in your workplace has noticed you? It may be that you are hidden away in a tiny office, crammed with Triumph Office Desks located at the end of a long corridor. You do not have the opportunity to share your innovative ideas or show the bosses how organised you are.

Maybe a change of office layout could kick start your career and have you heading for the management team?

Locating Triumph Office Desks in an open plan office

Open plan offices are nothing new and have been around since the beginning of the last century. Traditionally, rows of typists sat at desks placed in lines or at factory-style long tables.  This was replaced with more private cubicle-style working environments from the 1950s. Leading tech companies, such as Google, continue to experiment with office layouts to try and get the best out of their employees.

Open plan and collaborative working are great for some employees and work well in some locations but are not universally appreciated. If you don’t get on with some of your colleagues, but you have to work in close proximity to them every day, it can be very waring to say the least.

One compromise is the ‘huddle desk’ concept where Triumph Office Desks are arranged in a group so that collaboration is possible for those who want to participate in it. The creation of rest rooms is also popular where employees can go for an informal chat away from the pressures of the formal work environment.

Communication is also encouraged by large, spacious cubicles with the top third constructed out of glass. This means that you can see your co-workers and make eye-contact if you need to. Your days of being ignored could be over!

Standing desks could be the answer

The health effects of sitting at a desk for hours are now well understood. In addition to the obvious postural problems there are links to cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and some cancers.

Standing desks can help reduce the risks of developing these health problems but they could also help with career progression. This is because everyone is at eye level with one another and this prompts them to start up conversations just as they would when they are standing at a bar.

You are less likely to ignore someone when they are standing up and so the opportunities for communication are vastly increased. It is less embarrassing to go up to someone when they are standing up because it does not seem like you are disturbing them so people do it more often. It is a less solitary way of working and promotes discussion. It could be a discussion about your promotion!

The full range of office furniture for collaborative working can be viewed at Office Furniture Online so perhaps you should ask your employer to take a look so that you can bag that promotion!

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