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Sit-stand desks are in high demand all over the UK as employee wellness becomes a top priority

Wellbeing at work is no longer a luxury that employers claim they cannot afford. A raft of health and safety legislation, coupled with the acknowledgement that healthy workers are more productive, has resulted in a focus on healthy workplaces and ergonomic office design.

This is reflected in some new research in the area. A study reported by TowerEight indicates that demand for height-adjustable desks has grown by 20 % in the UK since this time last year. Sven HiRise Electric Sit-Stand Bench Desks have never been so popular as employees and employers focus on wellbeing in the workplace.

Why choose

The data for the study was provided by Google trend analytics and interior design companies. All of the data collected pointed to an increase in demand for height-adjustable desks. It is believed that the demand is driven by employees themselves.

As with many new office innovations, the demand for sit-stand desks started in the USA and the UK followed in its wake. They were dismissed by some, initially, as a curiosity or a gimmick but they soon gained credibility as a way of protecting ergonomic health in the workplace. They may be answer for employees with sedentary occupations.

They are becoming popular because employees like them. Flexibility is the name of the game in the modern workplace and flexible furniture fits in with that workplace vision. The vocabulary of office working now includes terms such as ‘freelance’, ‘coworking’, ‘serviced office clients’ and ‘startups’ and these new concepts require new office furniture. Traditional desks may not cut it any more. Office workers want control over how, where and when they work. Sit-stand desks fit into that vision in a way that traditional desks cannot.

Are sit stand desks good for employers?

A further study reported recently by Texas A&M University indicates that standing desks improve productivity in the workplace. It may go up by as much as 46% because employees feel more comfortable. Other studies have yet to confirm these findings and it is likely that the positive effect will vary by workplace.

The question is whether flexible furniture is here to stay? Should we all be investing in it? For many employers, price is still a key inhibiting factor, even though there is high demand. Eventually, more suppliers will enter the market, there will be greater competition and prices will fall.

However, they are not the only answer to workplace ergonomics and productivity. They are likely to be part of an overall strategy that seeks to meet the requirements of all employees and what suits one will not suit another.

If you want to make Sven HiRise Electric Sit-Stand Bench Desks a part of your healthy office set up, you can check out the range at Office Furniture Online. Join in the trend for putting health and wellbeing at the top of your priority list and see productivity soar.

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