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The benefits of height adjustable computer desks

Given that we spend such a large proportion of our lives at work, it’s important not only to enjoy what we do, but to be able to work in a comfortable environment. Good lighting and adequate heating are part of that environment, and so is being given the right tools to do the job; and those right tools include good, work-stations offering the flexibility to work seated or standing.

More and more of us are beginning to appreciate the benefits of being able to work standing – at least some of the time. This is not just a flight of fancy taken by some individuals. It reality, it appears that standing up at your computer desk can improve the health of both your heart and your brain. The NHS has in actual fact instigated a 12-month trial at 3 hospitals in Leicestershire, incorporating desks with adjustable working heights. The trial is nicknamed the SMArT (Stand More AT) Work trial.

Sitting down at work for long periods can damage your health

According to a post on the NHS website, sitting down for long periods of time at work can damage your health. It has been related to an increased risk of both cardiovascular illness and Type-2 diabetes.

These assertions are not new. A 1950s study showed that the drivers of London busses were twice as likely to develop heart disease, than their conductor counterparts. In more recent years, a study carried out by Loughborough University that involved 800,000 test subjects, discovered the following about people who sat for the longest periods of time at work:

  • They were 147% more likely to develop cardiovascular disease
  • They were 112% more likely to develop Type-2 diabetes
  • They were 90% more likely to die from stroke or heart attack

Another piece of research undertaken in 2015 concluded that people, who spend most of their time at work seated, develop fatty deposits in their arteries that cannot be removed, regardless of how much physical exercise they undertake.

According to a report published in the Daily Mail, every hour you are seated at work increases the fatty deposits in your arteries by as much as 14%. This can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease, including an increased of stroke and heart attack.

Grant your staff the benefits of height adjustable computer desks

To meet the increasing demand for having the option to be able to work standing up, we here at Office Furniture Online have introduced height adjustable computer desks. They incorporate a height variance of, from 540mm to 790mm.

These height adjustable computer desks are extremely durable and are supplied complete with castors, affording handy mobility. They come in an elegant Beech-wood colour finish, and you can choose from 3-colours of frame. Each desk also incorporates a sliding keyboard shelf.

Fulfil your duty of care and promote staff loyalty

Issuing height adjustable computers can actually improve the performance of your staff. As well as the general health problems that being seated at work for long periods of time engenders, it also increases the chance of developing mental fatigue.

Working from a standing position can increase productivity. It lessens the possibility of mental fatigue and stimulates bloodflow to all parts of the body including the brain.

They key point here is that by giving workers the ability to choose when, and for how long to work from a standing position, by issuing them with height adjustable computer desks, the employer is empowering staff to make choices that improve their own health as well as their work experience.

In addition to the health benefits that height adjustable computer desks provide for your staff, they also facilitate improved relations between employer and employee. When the employees feel that their employers take the necessary steps to fulfil their duty of care towards them, it promotes staff loyalty. It’s a win-win situation that benefits all parties.

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