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Five ways to be more authoritative (without shouting)

There you are in your new office sat behind a brand new Commerce II Executive Office Desk, with your first ever meeting with your new team scheduled to a few hours’ time. You know that the first impression that you make is likely to last so it had better be a good one! Here are some tips on how you can come across as firm, fair and authoritative without shouting.

Five ways to stand tall behind your Commerce II Executive Office Desk and take control

Try these techniques for stamping you authority in your new workplace or on your new team:

  1. Sort yourself out first. Before you even meet with your new team, take some time to compose yourself and be clear about your own authority. Have a comprehensive list of your responsibilities and the decisions that have been delegated to you. Then you can make it clear that it will be YOU that will make those decisions.
  2. Have initial talks with your boss. Establish relations with those above you in the chain of command before you look to those that are below you. Make sure that you are aligned with their thinking, especially on contentious issues such as staff remuneration, working hours etc. You will need your bosses to back you up in certain situations so make sure that you have confidence that they will do just that. You don’t want to be over-ruled in front of your new team!
  3. Have a plan for those tricky questions. In the early days you will get queries thrown at you that you don’t know how to answer. Be prepared for this so that you don’t stand there mumbling and looking terrified. Have a few stock phrases on the tip of your tongue like “You’ve given me a lot to think about, so let me get back to you” or “Let’s meet later to discuss that in detail” and you can emerge with your authority intact.
  4. Tears and tantrums never work. Nothing undermines your authority, and your credibility as a professional, like crying or shouting. Doing both at the same time is even worse as it indicates a complete loss of control. Of course, things will make you angry and upset and it is essential that you say that, but try to keep emotions under control. If necessary, remove yourself from the situation for a while so that you can take some time alone to compose yourself.
  5. You are not there to be everyone’s friend. As a team leader/manager you need to be respected and effective, you are not there to be everyone’s mate. You will not be able to please everyone all the time so don’t even try. Focus on doing what is best for the organisation that you work for and the team as a whole. You may need to conduct your social life elsewhere.

These simple techniques will immediately make you feel and appear more confident, in-control and authoritative and get your team working effectively.

Setting out your office

Set out your Commerce II Executive Office Desk to exert your authority. You may need a quiet corner of the room for yourself or your own room. Check out Office Furniture Online to select the best items for you new status.

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