Despite having some of the most advanced worker protection legislation in the world, workers in the UK are some of the most reluctant to leave the office for a proper break during the working day according to a new study.

And the worst culprits according to this study by a leading Healthcare provider are those in the East of England. Almost 20% of these workers eat at their desks and almost the same amount eat alone every day. Whilst nationally upwards of 43% of all workers use their lunchtime break as a chance to get away from their desks, in the East of England it seems that this figure drops to just 28%, with 18% admitting that they rarely take a break.

Now whilst this attitude to work is commendable we can’t help wondering if it is going to be detrimental in the long run, or if this is simply and indication that the average British worker is happiest at their desk?

Given the choice of desks available today we’re sure that some of it will be in part down to people choosing to stay where they are as they are in a lovely comfortable environment, and if they’ve had a desk from Office Furniture Online then the chances are that they’ll be more than happy sitting where they are! Add to this the fact that during the winter months it can be perishing cold outside, especially in the East of England, then it might explain in part some of this surveys results!

What we do know is that if you are planning to spend this much time chained to your desk then you need to make sure that you do it in comfort. With thousands of desks, colours and combinations available our range of office desks is more than sufficient to make sure that you are safe in a comfortable, ergonomic and welcoming work environment.

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