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Do you wish you could be more productive? You can, with these 10 simple hacks!

We spend a surprising amount of our lives sitting at our desks. Considering that, you’d think we’d spend more time making sure those desks work for us. Setting up our workspace for optimum efficiency and inspiration can improve our productivity, making us feel more alert and less tired into the bargain.

Here are 10 top ways to hack your workspace and boost your productivity.

10 top ways to hack your desk and become more productive

1. Bring the outside in

Having a plant on your desk can help you to feel more productive and relaxed. Air plants and succulents require less maintenance and are a great choice for the office.

2. Use aromas

Smells have an effect on our moods and certain essential oils are thought to stimulate the brain. Peppermint in particular is considered to enhance cognitive function and make you more productive.

3. Chew gum

This nifty hack is an unusual one – The British Journal of Psychology carried out a study which showed that chewing gum can increase concentration. Keep a packet or two handy in your desk drawer.

4. Cancel the noise

Offices can be noisy places – use noise-cancelling headphones and listen to some calming music or ambient sounds. There are many browser apps available to help you with the latter.

5. Consider storage options

A messy desk gets in the way of productivity as you spend time hunting for important items. Letter trays can help you to stay organised.

6. Use the Pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro technique suggests taking a five-minute break every 25 minutes. This doesn’t necessarily mean leaving your desk every half hour, but you might want to break away from the work you’re doing to focus on something less taxing. It’ll improve your concentration.

7. De-stress

Keep stress toys handy and take out your annoyance on them. The busy world of office work can cause stress and make people likely to snap at each other, but squeezing a stress ball or playing with a “fidget widget” can help you to de-stress as well as improve your concentration.

8. Be anti-social

Block apps from notifying you of messages and status updates – they’ll become incredibly distracting. “Two seconds” to check Facebook or Twitter can easily become 20 minutes – just remove the temptation completely.

9. Daydream – occasionally

Optometrists advise taking a break from your monitor every twenty minutes by gazing at something 20-feet away from you for twenty seconds. This sounds like the perfect time for a quick daydream!

10. Keep a comfort blanket

Warmer offices result in more productive staff – it’s a very simple equation. Regulate your own heat in chilly seasons or workspaces by keeping a throw or blanket handy. The comfort will help too!

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