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Setting up a mailroom for your new or expanding business

You might be excused for thinking that in today’s digital age there is no need for a mailroom, or mailroom furniture. However, you would be wrong. You’ll find that most big businesses and organisations including government offices, high street banks and insurance companies, to mention but a few, all still find the need to have an effective mailroom.

Although many people now resort to using email for much of their correspondence, a lot of people still feel the need to write letters. This is usually the case with anything legal or contractual, or anything that still needs original signatures and original documents.

Cutting down on lost mail and lost time

Mailrooms are used to both receive and internally distribute mail, and also to send it out. The larger the organisation is, often, the greater the need. In fact when companies grow to a certain size there are two things make running a mailroom necessary. One is to cut down on the amount of mail that either goes astray or gets lost, and the other is to take advantage of the economy of scale by getting specialist staff to deal with mail, rather than individuals in all of the various departments.

Location, location, location

If you have never had a mailroom before, either because you have a new start-up business or your existing business has expanded, now making it necessary, you will need to consider where to locate it.

In an ideal world, your mailroom should have its own office space with its own dedicated mailroom furniture. Obviously the space needs to be big enough to deal with the full amount of mail traffic there is to be processed. To make best use of limited office space, some businesses screen off one section of another office specifically for mailroom purposes.

Having decided where you will position your mailroom, your next thought will be how to populate it, both in terms of staff and equipment. There are plenty of employment agencies around to solve your staffing problems. In terms of mailroom furniture, that is where we here at Office Furniture Online come into the picture.

Mailroom furniture from Office Furniture Online

As far as working surfaces (desks and tables), cupboards and filing cabinets go, you’ll find plenty to choose from on our website. However, to get the very best out of your new mailroom, there are some specific items of mailroom furniture that you should not be without.

The items of mailroom furniture that are essential to all busy mailrooms are mail sorters. When you’re dealing with a small amount of mail, stacks of letter trays and expandable files may suffice. With serious amounts of mail however, serious solutions are needed, so proper bespoke mail sorters will be required. We stock both free-standing sorters and mobile sorters.

Other essential pieces of mailroom furniture for carrying the internal mail to the various offices and departments, are mailroom trolleys. They come in various shapes, sizes and designs. They’re useful from a health and safety point of view as they protect mailroom staff from carrying heavy loads of mail around. They also save time in terms of distributing the mail.

If your new mailroom will be handling outgoing mail as well as incoming, other essential items of mailroom furniture include postal scales.

If a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well

If you are going to do a job in the first place, it’s worth doing it well. You find all of the mailroom furniture you need here at Office Furniture Online. Everything we supply is priced competitively and the majority of items are available for next day delivery.

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