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Working in poor lighting could be doing more damage than you think…

Feeling regular eye strain at work? Getting constant migraines and pressure headaches? Often feeling drowsy and lacking in concentration? You’re not alone – employees the world over report these systems when working in an office and the reason might be a surprising one – lighting.

Poor office lighting is responsible for a vast range of symptoms in employees and has a negative impact on people’s physical health as well as their moods.

While those who study ergonomics consider lighting to be of high priority, most employers don’t – when it comes to redesigning the office space, lighting is often an afterthought or worse, a place to cut costs.

And yet, with some simple changes, you could transform your workspace from a dingy, flickering nightmare to a fresh, productive and inspiring space that improves your mood.

Three ways to drastically improve lighting and office mood

1. Natural light

Without a shadow of doubt, the best possible light source for the office is also the most abundant – sunlight. Natural light works in sync with our circadian rhythms, lessening drowsiness. It also boosts our mood, making us generally more upbeat.

Make use of windows if you have them, or consider installing a skylight if you don’t.

While you may work in a city that doesn’t see much sunlight, natural light supplemented with good quality daylight bulbs will still make all the difference. And opening up the office to the world outside is a good reminder to employees that life isn’t all about work. What better way to improve your mood?

2. Think smarter

We’ve already mentioned daylight bulbs that simulate natural light, but think clever about how you use them. Situate them parallel to the window and workspace to reduce glare and find the optimum balance with natural light.

Smart bulbs are an area of technology that has seen much improvement in the last few years. Systems that respond to natural light, brightening or dimming automatically, not only improve lighting in the office, they can also be vastly more efficient, cutting down on energy bills and proving your green credentials.

3. Reduce glare

With any talk of lighting in an office, there’s one thing you have to worry about – glare. Pity the one poor employee who is situated in the worst possible space, where the glare of a bulb is unavoidable. It’s also unacceptable.

Glare cause eye strain, as well as strain in the muscles of the neck and shoulders if people have to sit awkwardly to avoid it. It’s also easier than ever to reduce glare – monitor screen finishes are made of the best materials that reduce glare and deliver excellent resolution in all kinds of light.

Ensure that office lighting is diffuse and not pointed, and finish walls in matte surfaces to prevent light bouncing around.

4. Use individual lighting

Allowing employees to control their own lighting is one excellent way to reduce the negative impacts of poor lighting. It’s rare that employees have table lamps, but this trend is growing.

Personal, adaptable light sources allow workers to set the lighting to their own particular needs – for instance, flicking on a desk lamp when close working on paper. Lamps also reduce glare.

Desk Lamps

For the simplest and quickest solution to poor lighting, consider investing in desk lamps. We have a fantastic range of desk lamps, ranging from cool anglepoise designs to modern led lamps that have integrated charging stations.

We’ve also got something to suit every budget. Check out the full range here and talk to our sales advice team if you’d like some help in choosing.

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