Madness in the office

December 14th, 2017
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Over the years work has given itself a bad reputation, especially in the office.  When many of us think of work we also think of words such as; “dull’ ‘boring’ and ‘repetitive’.

Office workers in particular find that the office means routine, regulations, rigidity and it influences our life.

Work can bring out the best and worst in us. People can really lose it at work sometimes and there is always the chance of crazy behaviour which needs to be stifled.

It’s not a new thing says the Guardian:

“Take the Middle Ages: Then there was the church to contend with and an organisation more vast, wealthy, all-powerful and terrifying is hard to imagine. (Think Microsoft with the added power of being able to send you to actual hell, rather than just the metaphorical damnation of trying to get through to customer services).”

Most offices give reasons for odd behaviour, as many people can be quite passionate about what they do no matter how boring we consider it to be, so you have to hold back, count and keep you head low at your office desk before reacting too quickly to a situation that has just sent your brain into orbit with anger.  Slamming office furniture around is also a bad idea – no reaction is best before you decide the best course of action.

Every now and then you will witness an explosion of emotion somewhere along the line as another colleague has reached their breaking point. It is inevitable.  We are all human beings at the end of the day and we all have some sort of madness lurking at the back of our stationery cupboards.

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