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Do you really know what should be kept locked up in the workplace?

In the modern world, security is more crucial than ever, and keeping confidential or sensitive materials under lock and key now means a variety of things.

Traditional security and fire safety is required for rooms, equipment and documentation but you also need to carefully consider digital security as well as business contingency and continuity.

We take a look at the most important aspects of security for your business and offer suggestions on how to keep things under lock and key.

What do you need to protect in your business?

Data protection

Data protection is a wide area of security and is covered in depth in a host of legislation. It’s important that you become aware of your duties in this regard and your best bet is to check the government website for the country your business is registered in.

Basically, though, you should only store personal information with consent and in confidentiality. You should regularly review files to make sure they are relevant and if not, securely dispose of them. All data should be accurate and it should only be accessible by those who need it for work.

Sensitive information

Information on individuals (whether staff, customers or clients) such as race, political affiliation, health, religious belief, sexuality etc should only be held when absolutely necessary, and you should gain consent of individuals to hold this data. It should be kept securely and only accessed if needed and within the realms of the consent gathered.

Client data

Contracts, terms and conditions, proposals, bids, financial information, invoices, receipts – the list of potential client data you hold is endless. It’s important that this information is kept securely and only accessible to relevant parties so that it doesn’t fall into the hands of competitors, enter the public domain or otherwise lose you business or trust.

Disposal of records

Record disposal should be completely secure and there are many confidential waste providers who can offer lockable waste bins, with regular pick up services. You can also shred sensitive or confidential information. However, be aware that you may be required by law to store some information for a set period of time, so check legislation.

If you are required to hold this information, you can also you secure document archival companies who will store your data in line with the law.

Digital protection

Digital protection is as, if not more, important nowadays than that of physical documentation. There is separate legislation that covers digital security, but the bottom line is that no one should have access to your network without permission. Computers and network profiles should be password protected at the very least and you should also consider fingerprint and other biometric locks if your business handles particularly sensitive data.

Ensure that staff are trained on digital security, including how to avoid scams, malware and viruses. You should also implement robust IT procedures.

Contingency and continuity

Related to the previous point, you should have solid procedures in place in the event of emergency or crisis to prevent data loss. This includes both local and network-wide backup solutions and contingency in case servers go down or are infected by viruses.

The two key aims here are to ensure that a) no data is lost in the result of an emergency and b) that there is continuity planning in place to allow your business to carry on its work in the event of a catastrophic system or server failure.

Bott Cupboards are a great way to secure documentation

Our range of Bott Cupboards are an economical way to secure your sensitive documentation. These lockable cupboards come in a range of styles for a variety of purposes, including wall and laptop cupboards.

View the Bott Cupboards range here and talk to our sales team if you need advice.

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