Special Offer - Best Selling Flammable Liquid Cupboard

Special Offer – Best Selling Flammable Liquid Cupboard

Studies show that the better dressed, better looking and slimmer you are will you typically get paid more and are promoted faster. Over the course of your career this can add up to be a significant difference.

Any one in marketing will tell you that making a good first impression is crucial. They are often established in less than 30 seconds and these perceptions can be quite strong.  Promotions often depend upon how the person is perceived in the office and their physical appearance is often a factor in that perception.

On factor which is tricky area is weight. Results from studies always come to the same conclusion. Overweight individuals are considered less productive, less effective and lazier than their slimmer counterparts.

Here are some tips to looking your best:

Healthy Diet – One of the easiest ways to improve the way you look is through diet, exercise alone is not a solution. Changing your diet will give you long term benefits as well as improving your health and the appearance of your skin and hair.

Stylish clothes – Good quality clothes which fit you well will more than pay for themselves in their durability and  look. Mix and match is the way to go so you don’t look like you only have a few outfits. Men are lucky in this respect, a good wool suit and a few different ties and shirts is all they need to look good.

Eat breakfast – You may be in a rush in the morning but breakfast is one meal which is worth having, it will set you up for the morning.

Drink water – You can lose concentration if your dehydrated, it cleans your system and if you buy a filter doesn’t cost anything too!

Keep active – Taking regular breaks, it will not only give you a chance to chat to collegues but will also get your circulation going.

A god night’s sleep – Your body needs 7-8 hours of good sleep to be at its best. It will give your body a chance to rest and recover.

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