Welcome visitors in the warmest way possible with these amazing tips.

No matter what kind of business you do, creating a first impression matters. Visitors to your office will judge your company on the basis of their experience and that could make the difference between sealing a deal – or even losing clients.

Whether customers or clients, it’s important that you make visitors feel welcome and project a professional atmosphere – and it’s also worthwhile using the opportunity to say something about your brand, too.

All too often, we focus on the experience of our staff in the office but forget to make a good impression to visitors, so here are our top tips for making sure you impress everyone who enters the office space.

How to impress visitors to your office – 10 top tips

1 – Have a welcome area

Your reception area is crucial and your reception staff might just be the most important people in the building. Friendly and informed reception staff will give the perfect first impression and a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing reception area can put visitors at ease.

2 – Train all your staff

It’s not just reception staff who have to be friendly and well-informed. All staff should be trained to greet visitors well, making eye contact, offering handshakes if appropriate, asking for names and how they can help.

3 – Cleanliness is everything

Your office should be clean, that’s the bottom line. Not only should your staff have a clean, safe and comfortable environment, but visitors to the office should know from the office cleanliness that you look after your brand.

4 – Prepare your visitors

A good way to make that first impression a great one is to prep visitors – offer them directions or arrange to pick them up and give them some tips on where to stay and great restaurants if they’re in town overnight.

5 – Project your culture

Your office dress is a good way to promote and project your brand and culture. Use your company colours in your interiors and proudly broadcast your mission statement with decals or boards.

6 – Offer extras

Having today’s newspapers sitting crisply in the reception area is a good way to show visitors you care, and you can add to that by offering self-serve tea, coffee and water, as well as light snacks such as fruit.

7 – Company dress code

Dress code can be important to make a good impression on visitors. That’s not to say you need to rigidly stick to a uniform or business dress – modern tech companies buck this trend by allowing staff to dress casually, but a carefully planned dress code can still work well here. Maybe asking staff to wear muted colours will work with your company brand.

8 – Add some green

Plants and other greenery can give an airy, light feel to your office and is always welcoming for visitors, so invest in potted plants that are regularly maintained.

9 – Good layout matters

Even if you have receptionists or staff on-hand to greet visitors, a great layout is important. Make sure that the route for visitors to move around the office is clear and takes the shortest time possible.

10 – De-clutter

Having piles of documentation or equipment lying around makes a bad first impression. Invest in good storage and document management systems and make sure staff are well-trained on procedures for keeping the office clear.

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