Get your office desk tidy!

February 2nd, 2018

There are not many of us that can boast to having a completely tidy office desk, even if we have a great filing system and a huge bin.
An office desk tidy strategy is an advantageous course to take:

A clean office desk – before you begin your day make sure that your entire office desk surface space is clear, an untidy work place leads to an untidy mind.

Close and handy – For items that you use once a day, these should go into your top office desk draw, items that you use weekly should be kept in a cupboard by your office desk, anything you may use monthly should be kept OFF your office desk.  The rule is the less you use the item the further away from your office desk it should be.  You are striving for a clear desk and a system to stay organised.

Office accessories to stay together – try and put items together that relate to each other so you know where to find them quickly by using logic e.g. anything that is finance related (cheque book, calculator, bills), keep them all in one place.

Don’t use up time when you should be working by rummaging around for stationery because you can’t remember where you put it.

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