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You’re never too old to enjoy a game… especially if there’s a prize involved!

Staff motivation and morale takes work on an employers’ behalf – you can’t just expect it to happen on its own. One key way to keep your staff motivated is to inject a little fun and competition into the office.

Once the province of Silicon Valley tech giants, relaxed work environments with fun, competitive challenges and games are now becoming popular across a variety of industries. They can break up the working day, keep energy levels high and foster team work and employee bonds and collaboration.

We take a look at some of the best ways to inject a little fun into the workplace.

Fun ideas for motivating your workforce


Potluck (or potlatch) dinners originate with indigenous gatherings in the north of the USA and Canada, as well as traditional religious or community gatherings from around the world. They involve attendees each bringing a dish to the meal where it is shared out among participants.

This can be a great way to get staff involved – everyone agrees to bring along food of some kind and everyone sits down in an informal setting to eat and chat. A good idea is to mix people up so they get a chance to meet colleagues they don’t usually work directly with.

Seasonal events

Seasonal events offer an easy way to break up the working year. Planning events around holidays like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and more offer the opportunity to have fun around a specific theme.

Costume parties, cake decoration, present swaps and more are all ideal ways to celebrate seasonal events and you can add in competitions with prizes or raffles that raise money for charity.

Competitive play

Competition can be an excellent motivational tool and you may already use it for team leader boards etc. However, introducing an element of fun into competition can be even better. Writing challenges where employees write short about inspirational moments or times when they’ve turned a client problem around can encourage creativity.

Team games can be fun and can encourage people to work together in teams and competitively against other teams. There are countless team games available online, with rules and downloadable visual materials.

Fitness and sport

Improving employee wellness is a great way to motivate staff and offering yoga or fitness sessions or team trips to the gym can be effective.

You can also introduce challenge into fitness – for instance, group staff into teams and pair off members of opposing teams for wall sit challenges, where the two of them try and continue work while engaged in a wall sit. The one who lasts longest wins.

Games like table tennis and basketball can be fun too – if you don’t have facilities on-site, make a day of it with a trip to a sport centre.

Offsite visits

Visits to offsite locations can be a great way to get a break from the routine of the office. These can take the form of team building sessions, competitive fitness or learning bootcamps, visits to interesting local sites and much more.

Shield® Display Cabinets can help introduce competition

If your staff enjoy competitive challenges, a great way to motivate them is to offer awards in the form of shields and trophies for both individuals and teams. Our Shield® Display Cabinets are a great way of keeping that competition growing – you can choose from a variety of styles to display awards.

Shield® Display Cabinets come in a range of sizes and colours and you can choose from wall cabinets or free-standing models, with or without storage. You can view the full range here, or talk to our sales team if you’d like some advice on choosing the perfect display cabinet.

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