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Adding a touch of personalisation to your laptop can make it stand out. Of course, you could always take it too far…

If your working life revolves around your laptop, why not consider customising it?

If you run a small business and you take your laptop to client meetings, your laptop could act as an extension of your branding. Equally, if you’re a creative freelancer, customising a laptop with your own designs or illustrations makes the computer do double duty, displaying part of your portfolio wherever you go.

Thankfully, it’s never been easier to pimp your laptop to match your own individuality. We take a look at the top 5 ways to personalise your laptop.

5 cool ideas for laptop customisation

1 – A second skin

Laptop skins are infinitely customisable and are more affordable than ever. Gel skins can wrap around a variety of laptop sizes and you can purchase existing designs or even upload your own. Gel skins are flexible enough to take on and off, but can also add an extra layer of shock absorption to prevent damage in case of minor bumps.

Decals are another option for “skinning” your laptop – these are stickers that are peeled off and attached to the laptop, but be aware that depending on the sticker type, these may be a more permanent option than gel skins.

2 – Hard case

An option that can personalise your laptop as well as provide for more robust protection is a hard case. These enclosures usually come in two parts – one for the lid and one for the base – and can be easily attached.

They are removable, but we’d advise against doing this regularly as it can damage the case. Pick one you love and stick with it until you’re ready to change it.

3 – Sleeves

If decals or hard cases seem like to permanent a solution, one easy way to pimp your laptop is to use a sleeve. These come in an array of colours and materials and you just slip your laptop in when you’re carrying it around.

Again, this can also offer protection, with rugged, hard cases available, but they also come in neoprene and cloth, and there are also many sellers offering vintage and quirky styles.

4 – Accessories

It’s also possible to fully customise your laptop with accessories and add-ons. Cool mouse mats are available if you prefer using a mouse to a trackpad, with some styles offering the option of writing on the pad as an easy way of keeping notes and the like.

Your choice of mouse is an easy way to inject a bit of individuality into your laptop too and you can also get keyboard skins and stickers. The latter come in a choice of styles from aesthetic and colourful options to more practical styles that can change your keyboard to a different language or show keyboard shortcuts for popular programs.

5 – USB add-ons

If, like many people, you use your laptop mostly as your static desk computer, you can also personalise with USB add-ons. These plug in to your USB slots and are often practical choices. Options include powered desk fans, drinks coolers, message boards and much more.

LapCabby laptop trolleys can help you to personalise your space

Many large offices are now opting to issue staff with laptops that can be used on the move and plugged into a charging dock when in use at the office. For a great way to store and protect your laptops, you should take a look at our comprehensive range of LapCabby laptop trolleys.

LapCabby laptop trolleys come in a variety of sizes, styles and cupboards. Safely stow away the laptops and lock it for security. These can also double up as portable workstations and can charge laptops overnight. Check out our full range here.

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