Don’t despair if you only have a tiny office!

If you work from home and you’re forced to make do with a small space, whether a corner of a room or a setup in a closet, you can feel like you’ve got a bad deal. However, with some careful planning and choices, there’s no reason why you can’t make the most of your space.

Don’t feel like you’ve got second best; take ownership of your space with some careful consideration and who knows? You might even end up thinking you’ve got the best part of the home.

Follow our top 5 tips for maximising a small office space.

5 top tips for making the most of a small space

Throw it out

Before you begin, you’ll need to start with a blank canvas. Particularly important when space is at a premium, we suggest clearing out the entire space. That also means removing everything; even the stuff you need to hold onto.

Clearing the space completely gives you fresh sight to see how you can make the most of the space and forces you to be organised when you start putting everything back.

Regularly purge

Once you’ve had a clear out and created the ideal workspace, you’re going to have to maintain it. There’s no other way – in a small space, even the slightest bit of clutter or junk is going to seriously hamper your room.

So, be brutal. At least once a week, have a full clear out. Everything you no longer need goes straight into the bin and everything else gets appropriately sorted. It’s also a good idea to get into the habit of a clean desk policy – finish up your work five minutes early and clear out your desk. You’ll thank yourself in the morning and come the end of the week.

Be organised

When it comes to keeping your workspace organised think not only of the physical flow of your work, but also how often you use items. It might feel right to have your printer sitting right there on the desk, but if you only use it once a month, it might be better concealed in a drawer or on a shelf.

Equally, not all of your devices need to be plugged into your PC at all times. Again, if you only use them infrequently, stow them away until you need them.

Make sure you also have appropriate storage space for documentation and stationery.

Carefully conceal

Give yourself more room and, importantly, make the space look less cramped by concealing all your cabling underneath the desk. Stacked trays or baskets on the desktop allow you to store small objects out of sight and everything will look neater.

Use your wall space

Don’t just think about the space afforded you by your desk; you should also consider vertical space too. Shelving the wall above the desk could give you much-needed storage room and allow you to have easy access to items you regularly use.

Infinite standard cupboards can help make the most of a small space

Our Infinite standard cupboards can help you to maximise your space by given you one place to store everything you need, from paperwork to stationery and even computer equipment.

The Infinite standard cupboards range comes in a variety of sizes and wood finishes and come with an incredible 10-year guarantee, so you know they’re built to last. Take a look at our full range here.

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