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Do you dream of an office that’s as easy to rearrange as a bucket of Lego bricks?

Modular office design has become more popular in recent years due to its flexibility and the way in which it allows you to maximise space. Choosing a modular office space means that layouts and features can be moved around and reconfigured to adapt to a variety of uses.

With floor space at a premium, this often means that you can get more out of less space, which is a hugely attractive proposition. It also allows employees to adapt space to suit their requirements on a daily basis, which can contribute to increased productivity, improved collaboration and better health.

Here are our top 5 benefits of moving to a modular office space design.

5 top benefits of a modular office design


Without doubt, one of the most attractive benefits of modular design is in cost savings. Have an office space that can double or triple up in purpose and use can allow you to choose a smaller, cheaper space safe in the knowledge that you can carry out all of the functions you require.

While the initial outlay may be higher, you can bank future savings because you won’t have as much need to upgrade furniture or adapt hard walls and fixtures to change the use of your space.

Ease of use

Modular units are often delivered to you and installed far faster than with fixed units and construction. Due to its nature, you can also “phase in” the units – you don’t need to install them all immediately but can instead bring them in gradually, meaning less disruption to work and the ability to spread the costs across financial years.

They are also very easy to use and reconfigure, meaning that staff will be able to quickly learn to adapt the space to suit.


As technology improves at a rapid pace, we often find our offices quickly become outdated and need extensive reconfiguration or construction, for instance, to site new server banks or smartscreens.

With modular design, you can quickly adapt the office layout no matter what kind of new technology you are installing. Many modular pieces offer innovative features such as accessible inner cavities. This means that you are in full control of adding power banks, data lines, plumbing and technology integration and these can be completely reconfigured in the future.


Modular design can also be more environmentally-friendly than fixed construction and architecture. Many of the units use less resources to make, which reduced waste from the outset. They are also often recyclable, so that when they are no longer needed they can be repurposed.

You can also choose to go for energy saving designs and opt for natural materials. And because the space can be endlessly reconfigured, the space becomes sustainable, requiring can less waste over time.


In touch economic times, businesses have to think smarter to stay ahead. Property prices increase all the time and you may find that relocation is essential. Modular office design means you can opt for cheaper premises with a smaller footprint without compromising on your ability to carry out your work.

Not only that, modular workspaces can increase collaboration and innovation among staff, allowing them to switch from individual cubicles to shared workspaces over the course of a day. This makes you more profitable in the long run – studies have shown that a less hierarchical structure and a willingness to allow employees to innovate and contribute actually increased company value.

Infinite combination cupboards are the perfect starting point for modular design

Our Infinite combination cupboards are a range of storage units that are fully customisable for a variety of uses. You choose the design and configuration and we’ll adapt them to suit your needs. You can also pair up units in complex configurations meaning they can work well in any space.

Our Infinite combination cupboards come in a variety of wood finishes and many come with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, meaning they’re built to last. Check out the full range here and talk to our sales team if you’d like some advice on modular storage.

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