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If you want to be a PM, get yourself organised

Have you considered becoming a project manager as a potential career progression? If you have a keen eye for details, an ability to create meaningful and comprehensive paper trails and you’re committed to maintaining your diary, this could be the career option for you.

Project managers are responsible for managing every aspect of a project – they are the central hub who ensures that projects are delivered on time and meet all agreed goals, objectives and milestones.

The role of a project manager will vary depending on the industry you work in, but generally, you will be responsible for the execution and monitoring of a project, controlling it during its progress, bringing it to successful completion and carrying out evaluation during and afterwards.

Other key tasks for a project manager

Project managers are responsible for breaking down a project and its goals into manageable chunks of both work and time. That means creating and implementing realistic and achievable schedules and delegating work according to role and skill level across the project team.

They are also required to ensure that the project is appropriately costed and the correct budget allocated and, during the project itself, for ensuring that the work stay within the agreed budget.

Team resourcing is crucial too – project managers will assess staff to ensure that work is delegated to and carried out by the best possible people to deliver it, and will restructure teams and job roles where necessary, often working with HR business partners to achieve this.

Another crucial role of the project manager is assessing and mitigating risks to the delivery of the project.

How good storage and document systems can make a great project manager

If you have the skills required to be a project manager in the UK, there are ways to train for the job. The most common of these is the PRINCE2 industry standard qualification – there’s plenty of information on this available online and you might find that your employer can help you out with the course.

Part of becoming a successful project manager is ensuring a papertrail and keeping important documents safe. This means creating useful and efficient document storage systems, as well as having the right equipment to allow for secure storage.

If you’d like to show a willingness to progress into project management, start with your office. Start implementing useful new procedures and point out where improvements can be made, including recommendations for more secure storage furniture.

Silverline Office Cupboards are a great way to get organised

Silverline office cupboards are high end storage systems that are sleek and come in a variety of styles and colours to suit any workspace. They are secure and will ensure that all documentation is safely and efficiently stored and they come with a manufacturer’s guarantee between 5 and 10 years.

To view the range, click here, or contact our sales team for advice on choosing the perfect combination and configuration of units and styles to suit your requirements.

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