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Get a bit of peace and harmony in your office with these simple tips.

Feng shui is a philosophy from China that is concerned with the harmonising of space and people’s interactions with it. It is related to Taoism and is designed around the principle of how Qi (or ch’I, pronounced “chee”), the life force of Chinese metaphysics, flows through an environment.

In recent decades, feng shui has become popular in the West, with many people using it to create harmony in their homes. However, it is also increasingly used to help declutter workspaces and help create harmony in the office.

Here we look at 10 ways you can use feng shui to improve your office space.

Top 10 tips for improving your office through feng shui

1 – The power position

The position of your desk is considered to be important. Face the door, especially at a diagonal, and you will be able to see who comes in and out. On top of that, you can be sure that nothing carries on behind your back without your knowledge.

If you can’t sit in the position, hand a mirror on the wall or divider in front of you.

2 – Bring colour to your working life

Adding fiery objects in reds, oranges and purples to your desk is considered to add passion and emotion to your work, metaphorically “lighting a fire” under your career and boosting productivity.

3 – Clear a path to new opportunities

Clutter is the enemy in feng shui – it blocks qi and represents an inability to move forward, literally and metaphorically blocking your path. Clear your clutter with closed cabinets and cupboards instead of open shelves, and clear away everything you don’t need.

4 – Plant the seed of career growth

Have plants and flowers around you reminds you that there’s a world outside your work and also represents your nurturing of your career. The health and growth of the plants represents the growth of your chosen career.

5 – Dream on

Hanging an image of something that represents your career desires in front of you at work will motivate you and remind you of your goals. Whether it’s family, money or your dream destination, this visual reminder gives you something to work towards.

6 – Get connected

Feeling demotivated? Feel like your company’s goals have diverged from your own? Get back into the team spirit by surrounding yourself with the company logo and corporate objects and realign your goals with that of the company. When it does well, so do you – and vice versa.

7 – Let the light in

Overhead fluorescent lights and strip lighting knocks your circadian rhythms out of whack and can lead to headaches and stress. Let in natural light where you can or use desktop lighting to shape your space.

8 – Take in the view

If you’re feeling stressed because it sometimes seems like you only ever look at the 4 walls of your office, hand a picture of a natural scene that inspires you. Every time you look at it, consider that it’s a window onto the world instead of just a picture.

9 – Make your desk your own

Personalisation of your environment can remind you that you’re in control of your destiny. Make the space your own with objects that remind you of your career goals, or of friends and family. The upper left-hand corner is your wealth area, so place a reminder of your goals there and watch your career grow.

10 – Feel the flow

A patterned rug placed under your feet acts as a reminder of the flow of abundance. A pattern will symbolise water, which represents prosperity – place it at the entrance to your workspace or beneath your feet and feel the flow of opportunities.

Next day office cupboards can help you get balance in your work environment

One sure-fire way to improve the harmony and flow in your workspace is to clear away the clutter. Our next day office cupboards can help you to store all your important documents and get rid of the piles of paperwork on your desk in a flash. If you just can’t wait for your furniture to arrive, these are the ideal choice. Take a look at our full range here and talk to our Sales Team if you need advice.

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