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These days an office worker does not have to limit their choice of seating to traditional ergonomic chairs. There is now a range of alternative ergonomic seating products that can be classed as sit/stand seating, specialist stools and saddle seats, and ergonomic ball chairs and stools. A working position does not have to sitting. You can kneel, perch and stand – some people even walk around or recline! This can seem a little confusing at first but each has their own specific features which may make them just the right choice for you or your workers. You simply have to find the product that works best for you.

Why would you consider alternative specialist stools in your office?

There are sound, scientific reasons for why you may want to consider some alternative seating in your office.

  1. They safeguard your postural health. Ergonomic seating is designed with your comfort and postural health in mind. They usually encourage you to sit and work more comfortably. This, in turn, increases your productivity because your discomfort does not make you lose focus. Long term postural problems can be avoided and sick days are not needed!
  2. They prevent you from slouching. Alternative seating, such as stools, promote a correct postural seating position because they prevent you from slouching. It is much easier to slouch in a conventional chair.
  3. They encourage movement. Many postural problems arise from a lack of movement. It is simply not a good idea to be fixed in the same position for hours on end. Alternative seating encourages dynamic movement of your body by requiring small but continuous adjustments to your position. Muscles, ligaments and tendons get a work out as you sit at your desk.
  4. They maintain your spine’s natural curvature. Your spine is not straight; it has a natural curve which is not always maintained in traditional office chairs. Straightening the spine can cause stresses and strains on the back which can compress discs and cause muscle tension. The ultimate result is pain and discomfort. This is avoided when your seating works in harmony with your natural body shape.
  5. A healthy seating angle is maintained. With a conventional office chair it is easy to adopt a seating position with an angle of less than 90 degrees which is not conducive to a healthy posture. Alternative seating encourages a more natural seating angle.

Explore the alternatives

Prolonged use of a poor office chair may result in disc compression, poor head carriage, poor neck posture and even poor circulation in your legs. Why not find out more about our range of triangular saddle seat stools which encourages you to sit in a “saddle” posture? This will lower the position of your thighs, open up your hips and maintain your natural spinal curve. Make a new start by investing in one of the most comfortable and healthy ways to sit at your desk.

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