Executive designer chairs

Why your office needs good furniture

What does your office say about your products and services?

What would you like it to say?

Is your target audience young and dynamic, and if so does your business reflect this? Does it inspire creativity, or do you wish for your visitors to behave formally? Would you like your employees and guests to feel relaxed, stimulated or challenged while on the premises?

There is no doubt that good quality furniture tends to cascade into a good customer and employee experience in the office, boardroom or reception area. An investment in high quality furniture such as executive designer chairs will help you get noticed for all the right reasons.

Getting that high-quality finish

When you’re aiming high with your office interior design, there are a few ways to up your game in terms of the impression your furniture gives. For example:

  • Mixing textures and finishes: Consider a range of finishes in wood veneer and glass and leather or fabric chairs to add depth and interest to the overall look.
  • Match and coordinate: Consider matching pieces to bring your environment together. Bookcases, filing cabinets, pedestals and fulcrum reception desks will help to pull the look together and add to a sense of high end design.
  • Invest in statement pieces: Don’t be afraid to invest in one or two outstanding pieces, such as executive designer chairs for senior management or a solid walnut boardroom table. The pieces will last longer than inferior items, and will be around to enjoy for many years to come.
  • Consider ergonomics: Even the most expensive office furniture will be no good to anyone if your employee ends up in pain or off sick. Think about ergonomic workspaces and fully adjustable chairs to ensure your employees are safe and healthy at work.

Investing in new office furniture shouldn’t be done in a rush if it can be avoided. You and your staff will have to live with your choices for many years to come, so make them wisely and think about the overall impression your workplace is going to give.

Investing in your productivity

Office furniture is primarily a functional investment. Your workers need somewhere to sit, somewhere to put their PC or work equipment and plenty of places to store the things they use each day. Cheap, poorly constructed, mass produced office furniture will undoubtedly be sufficient to put some ticks in the majority of those boxes when your budget is tight. But, if you can dig a little deeper for a slightly healthier budget, your office furniture could do more than just look good and feel great.

High quality office furniture such as our executive designer chairs make for not only a more physically comfortable place to work, but a psychologically more pleasant place to be too. Numerous studies have indicated that good quality office furniture can improve the productivity of the people who work there, so an investment in great furniture for your office could lead to a more profitable place to work too.

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