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How to make your office chair pregnancy friendly

If you’re pregnant, you will understand how important it is to be comfortable at work and how hard this can be to achieve. Or maybe you’re an employer who has responsibility for a pregnant worker and need sound advice on how to fulfil your responsibilities. Either way, here’s how you can make an office chair more pregnancy friendly. If you are purchasing new chairs, such as HAG office chairs you should take a good look at this.

Top tips for comfort on HAG office chairs during pregnancy

If you selected and set up your office chair prior to your pregnancy you may be shocked by how much things can change! Pregnancy brings major physical changes to a woman’s body and you may start to feel uncomfortable from quite early on in your pregnancy. Try the following minor adjustments to ease yourself through those vital nine months.

  • Think about how you get up and down. Getting on and off a chair with no armrests may be easy when you are not pregnant but fast-forward to your final trimester and you will be carrying a lot of extra weight. A chair with strong arm rests will allow you to lever yourself into a standing position without putting undo strain on your back.
  • You may need additional lumbar support. The shape of your spine will change to accommodate the growing baby and this can result in lower back pain. Adjust your chair’s lumbar support to give you more comfort or use little cushion in the small of your back.
  • Your feet must touch the floor. This is important for all workers but especially important during pregnancy. When you are pregnant, your blood pressure is raised and this can result in swelling in your hands and feet. You can help to avoid this by making sure that your feet are placed flat on the floor. If necessary you can use a foot stool or adjust the height of the seat.

These small adjustments can help you have a healthy, comfortable and productive pregnancy.

More comfort tips for pregnant office workers

Many problems arise because you are sitting in one position for a prolonged period of time. Counteract this by standing up and walking around every hour. This is not just good for your postural health. Pregnancy increases your risk of developing deep vein thrombosis by a factor of 10 and this can be reduced by increasing the blood flow around your body by gentle movement.

You could also try changing your position every hour. Try twisting you chair around and straddling it. This will shift weight from the muscles in your lower back to your hips and thighs and will help you to maintain the natural arch of your back.

Remember to wear loose clothing made of natural materials to prevent pinching and obstruction of blood flow.

Take a look at the Office Furniture Online range of HAG office chairs to maximise postural health and comfort for pregnant workers. We have just the right office chair for you and your employees.

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